DXCafés: The New E-conomy Is Coming


 DXCafés: The New E-conomy Is Coming

With the rise of digital technologies, more and more people are turning to e-commerce. The convenience of online shopping is what keeps these technologies growing rapidly. What else may be driving this shift in consumer preferences? There is a lot of talk about the future of work and how many companies are replacing labor with technology. One such example is DXCafe, which will eventually become a worldwide chain that provides "digital services."

The new economy means that so much more will be done by machines rather than people. Services have always been the work of humans, but in the future they'll be all done by machines. If this will be depressing for people, it's not necessarily so. After all, when we see how much better things can get, even things that are traditionally considered dirty or "menial" will gradually change.

For example, there was a time when washing clothes by hand was the only way to wash clothes entirely—but now you see more and more people using washing machines. Even those who don't own TVs don't use them at home nearly as often as they did before because smartphones have become a viable alternative to TV sets. Things like this happen because every new technology is first seen only as a supplement to the old, and then it gradually squeezes out and replaces the old.

"DXCafé" was the first shop in Nagoya to provide digital services. It's a cafe where customers can work for free while they consume drinks and meals. It's not just that you can use Wi-Fi here; you can also ask for help with your computer or smartphone, get some advice on how to use social media, or research restaurants nearby. In other words, as long as you come here, I'll help you do whatever you need done—and all of it will be free of charge.

At present, we are running a test project in which anyone can use Wi-Fi for free. Your smartphone or computer will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi here when you enter the shop. We currently have 30 "kiosks" inside the cafe, and now we are inviting a group of regular customers who have already visited us to try them out. The response has been very good; some people want to continue using these digital services after the test period ends, so we are planning on gradually increasing the number of Kiosk seats as well as the kinds of services available—and then building more DXCafés around Nagoya and nationwide in order to offer even more opportunities for people to use these services. We are also considering adding small business services, so that people can not only work in the cafes but also produce a product or service they can sell to others.

Where will the technology go eventually? Well, there's nothing strange about digital machines surpassing humans when it comes to social skills. Chatbots are already on their way to releasing us from boring meetings and cold calls because they're better at communicating with people than we are.

Conclusion: It may be easy for machines to replace humans in certain fields, but the ones that require communication skills will always continue to be essential—and we'll keep on doing them even when machines become better at it than us.

Café Name: DXCafé | Address: Nagoya-shi, Chiiki-ku, 2nd Avenue 3F | Tel./Fax : 052-963-9071 | Web Site: http://www.dxcafe.jp/index.html/kyoko.html

"DXCafé" is a cafe where you can use Wi-Fi and get help from its staff for absolutely free as long as you're a regular customer.

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