Dress Well With A Tight Budget


 Dress Well With A Tight Budget

Few of us are millionaires, and it can be difficult to find clothes that look good. This article is about how you can dress well on a tight budget. 

Here’s the thing: you don’t need much money to dress well. First, take a look at your closet. You may have some clothes already that are just gathering dust and bringing down your style game. Don’t let them. We all want to be stylish, but we have to put our priorities in place (read: buy, don’t buy).

Second, let’s look at your spending habits and see how many clothes you already have. It may not seem like it, but once you start using your wardrobe and investing in great pieces, you can save quite a bit of money over time. Just the knowledge that you are investing in quality clothes will help keep you motivated to continue spending on the right things!

To dress well on a tight budget means to choose quality pieces that will last for years. Think about what kind of style you want to create and ask yourself if the item has versatility features. For example, a great pair of jeans will blend in with any outfit you want to wear. A good denim shirt can form the basis of many different looks.

Here are some great tips for choosing clothes that work for you…

1. Go Black
Black is a classic and versatile color that you can wear with almost anything! If you are looking to dress up your outfit, go black and pair it with embroidered accessories or bold jewelry. A simple black tee paired with an edgy belt is a classic look that can work for any occasion and age (just watch out where you tie your belt). A black blazer paired with jeans and a simple black tee is a great way to dress up a casual outfit.

2. Go Navy
Navy is a great neutral color that goes with almost anything. Navy can be worn on its own or with complementary colors to create a sophisticated look. If you want to go for more of an urban look, use navy as the base for your outfits and accent it with bright colors, stripes, large patterns, thrift store finds and accessories to keep things interesting!

3. Basics are a Must!
Plain T-shirts, black tees, jeans and navy tees can be worn together to create endless outfits. Finding the perfect plain T-shirt is easier than you would think. Check out thrift stores often for great basics; you never know what you’ll find!

4. Thrifting can be Fun!
There are plenty of great thrift stores located throughout the city. Try checking out spots in Parkdale, The Junction or Kensington Market to find great vintage pieces at affordable prices.

Dressing well doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can still look great without breaking the bank. Just remember to choose quality over quantity and invest in clothing that you can wear for years to come.

Make sure your clothes fit you like a glove; no sagging, no loose fabric, nothing that is too tight or too big. You want clothes that fit like they were made for you! Your clothes should flatter your body and accentuate the best parts of your figure.

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