Dress Up to Compliment Your Look


 Dress Up to Compliment Your Look

You might not realize it, but the clothes you wear can tell a lot about your personality. It’s amazing what a different type of outfit can say about who you are and what you want to portray to the world. So now that we know how your clothes can affect you, let’s see how they affect your look.

Dressing in certain styles can make one part of your body stand out and lead others to believe that is the most important part of our look. For example, wearing bright colors on their face could lead people to think they have an accent or strong features around their eyes, while wearing dark colors may indicate they like natural beauty or don’t mind being overlooked. Bright colors also tend to make the skin look more fair, while dark colors tend to make you look warmer and friendlier.

When you go shopping for clothes, you might really want to look hot or fashionable, but keep in mind that your clothes say just as much about your personality as they do about your style. After all, if you want people to take notice of you or listen to what you have to say, first impressions are always important.

So what can we do about it? You’ll want to think carefully about each piece of clothing you buy for yourself and the outfit you put together.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to overthink things, so these are all the items I would consider as basic wardrobe staples to wear with many different outfits:

1. Vest – I would never leave home without my fitted vest . It makes me feel dressed up and always adds an edge to my outfits. Other than a white shirt and black pants, many of my other personal style choices are also based around the color black because it seems to go with everything and help me figure out what fabrics work best for me. When wearing a vest , be sure to wear something that suits your body type.

2. White Shirts – You could also always try wearing a white shirt with a black or dark colored vest . White goes with many different colors and patterns, so you’ll never go wrong. I personally like to layer this with a black or dark colored vest and pants to add more contrast and color.

3. Jeans – Finding the right pair of jeans is important because it can make or break your look. If you want to appear a little more casual, go for boot cut jeans . They look great with a classic pair of black boots.

4. Dark colored pants – Most of my pants are dark colored because it adds an element of sophistication to my style. You can either wear them with white shirts or dark shirts as long as you seem appropriate and well put together. No matter what color you end up choosing, make sure it is the right fit and not too baggy or too tight since that can take away from the way your clothes fit.

5. T-Shirts – I like to wear graphic t-shirts when I want to dress casually and keep things simple because of their comfortable fit and versatility. I can either throw on a pair of jeans or my favorite vest over it to add interest and make it a more formal or dressy look. It’s easy to tell the difference between cheap t-shirts and the good quality ones, so just keep that in mind when choosing something to wear for everyday use.

6. Button Shirt – If you want something more formal, go for a button shirt . This is also another way to dress up a t-shirt or pair of jeans depending on how you organize your outfit. If going casual, just try to make sure your shirt is tucked in and buttoned up properly.


Addressing the issue of what clothes a person wears is another way to assess how his or her personality is. For example, just by observing someone’s outfit, we can tell if they like to be noticed and appreciated for their looks or whether they are more of a natural beauty who does not need to draw attention to themselves. We also know that the colors we choose can make a difference in who notices us and who doesn’t. However, there are also times when we tend to go overboard when it comes to getting compliments from others. This article here is talking about how you can dress up your fashion:


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