Does Money Arrive In Your Bank Account Every Night?


 Does Money Arrive In Your Bank Account Every Night?

Do you ever wonder how money arrives in your bank account every night? It’s actually an interesting question, and our goal with this post is to answer it for you.

Most people think that their paycheck just magically appears in their account from somewhere without anything happening, but the reality is a little more complicated.

Factors That Determine Deposit Amounts

Most of the time, your paycheck deposit amount is determined by how much you have earned over the past pay period and the type of account you have. In general, there are usually two factors that determine your deposit amount most directly.

How much you earn : When you get paid for work is a process which occurs over a period of time—usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The amount that is deposited in any given week or month depends on how much you earn over that time frame. For instance, if you earn $2000 per week on average for one month, then your paycheck will likely be somewhere around $4000 for that month (assuming no deductions).

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