Does Every Business Need A Web Presence?


The aggregate number of tips ranges from 1 to 23.

1) Website Speed 

2) Search Engine Optimization 

3) Online Surveys

4) SEO Tools 

5) Video On Your Site 

6) Home Based Business Models 

7) VRE Business Models.

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• 2006 Marketing and Advertising Awards

• 2008 10 Best Free Traffic Sources - Top 10 Free Traffic Tips

• 2009 Best of Online Lessons: How to Get in Front of Millions with Powerful Video 

• 2009 My Favorite Traffic Sources For April 2009 

• 2010 100 Ways to Drive Organic Web Traffic 

• 2011 How To Pick a Domain Name for Your Website...Or How to Save $1,000's On Domain Name Registration 

• 2012 So You Want to Start an Internet Business - Important Tips for Making Money Online 

• 2013 Social Media Marketing ADVICE: 30 Things I Wish I Had Done Differently With Social Media Marketing in 2013

• 2017 My Best Advice For Starting an Internet Business: 10 Steps To Your First $1000 Online In The Next 90 Days!

There is one reputation management website that shows David Michael's client base has grown since 2004.

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