Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?


 Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?

We're constantly surrounded by digital advertising and marketing, so it's easy to think that people will always remember our company — but what if they don't? What do you do when your customers forget about you?

Let's take a closer look at the situation and find out why this is happening, as well as some potential solutions for getting your customers to remember you all over again.

1. When we're in the middle of a product cycle, we often focus our attention on new features or innovations. For a while, it looks like nothing else matters! Yet when we get stuck and can't think of anything new to make, ads tend to fall behind in terms of priority.

We've all been there. What seems like a great idea to put in our second product release eventually becomes part of the third, fourth, and fifth version. Eventually, we make the product much better than it was originally envisioned. Then, when we're at the end of the whole development process, we need a way to get people excited about our new features again — a way to start fresh.

That's where commercials can come into play. Since your customers are likely involved in many other things at the same time, and they often forget about your product soon after they see an ad for it, you have an opportunity to remind them that you're still around and recommitting yourselves to offering a great experience for your customers.

2. Time and attention can be another obstacle. When we're constantly inundated with new products and services, we tend to focus on the next feature or product. The more we use them, the less likely we are to notice ads for other companies. When it comes time to use your product again, they may seem new and compelling — but that may be why you're running a commercial in the first place!

3. Showcasing different aspects of your company can help out when customers forget about you, just as it can when you're getting started as a company. Today's consumers enjoy being able to watch many different types of ads on a TV screen or in their browsers at the same time. The idea of being able to watch commercials for companies and movies at the same time in a movie theater or on TV can be very appealing, especially as they're watching something of their own choice.

Demonstrating different features of your company throughout an ad campaign is a great way to remind customers that you care about them, and that you're willing to invest in your product, even when it's not new.

4. Your product can remind customers that you're still around. There are many ways to use this to your advantage. If your product is used in conjunction with other products, including software that helps people search for files by means of visual components (such as a scanning program or a file explorer), you can remind them of your product by showing it off in an ad when they're performing an action related to searching for or accessing files.

When it comes to your website and blog, remember that different parts of the consumer cycle may require different types of advertising. If you're providing customer service, you'll want a brief reminder about the quality of services you offer, since people who come by for support may have forgotten about your company for quite some time.



Any of these solutions are worth trying — the key is to regularly remind your customers that you exist and that you're willing to work with them one-on-one. Whatever you do, be sure to use digital advertising in conjunction with other methods of advertising, such as traditional media. Not only will this help you stay at the top of customers' minds, but it'll also help increase your overall exposure to more potential clients. But remember: most importantly, don't forget about the people who helped put your company where it's at in the first place!

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