Do You Remember: Retro Fashion and 70s Nostalgia


 Do You Remember:  Retro Fashion and 70s Nostalgia

The 70s were a fantastic decade for style and fashion, but what exactly was the scene like back then? Do you remember? A lot of us have visions of bell bottoms, platform shoes, colour blocking and wild prints. But many people forget that hair was big too! In addition to shoulder-length tresses, some women wore their hair in an afro or even a bouffant! The 70s also featured plenty on flares and other bold patterns.

So we’ve put together this article to help jog your memory about the unbelievable styles that were so popular during this time period. In the article you will find some beautiful pictures to inspire you. If you want to dress up like a star from the 70’s, check out our awesome range of retro costumes at Lulu’s! There are hundreds of costumes to choose from, so you can dress up as a disco diva or a glam rocker.

Let’s start with fashion for women:

1. The mini skirt was very popular in the 70’s! It was made mostly out of pure cotton and this material would fade with constant washing. The colour of these skirts ranged from black, brown or beige.

2. Abreva is an antacid medication that was used in the 70s to get rid of bad breath.

3. This was originally a Canadian breakfast cereal before it became popular worldwide! Nowadays, we call it "corn flakes".

4. This hairstyle and outfit is called a punk mohawk and is very popular among teenagers in the 90s. For some reason, this style never really caught on in the 70s. Maybe it was because there were no faux mohawks in those days?

5. The last page of this magazine features some really neat outfits for men! It includes a tuxedo, white jacket and tie, long pants and also a pair of sunglasses (not yet available).

6. This magazine is one of the first magazines to feature the word "punk". It was used at the beginning of an article about a band called "The Vibrators". I wonder if they dress like this? Punk fashion consists of all black clothes with a complete absence of colour, lots of studs and safety pins. Perhaps it’s not for everyone!

7. The white, summery look is super popular among teenagers nowadays. Many girls wear spaghetti-strapped dresses or short shorts with this look along with sunglasses and heels to complete the picture. If you’re interested, today’s teens call this style "California Gurls".

8. The stars of the 70s were mostly young people because this is when they started appearing on TV and movies. There was no such thing as a TV star in the 70s. This photo features famous Hollywood movie star, Farrah Fawcett.

9. This is one of the first cases where we can say that women’s clothing changed as time went on. In this first picture, women are wearing mini-skirts and large colourful jackets with open v-necklines. By 1970, summer dresses began to appear on women’s bodies!



It was a great decade for 70s fashion, wasn’t it? We don’t remember anyone wearing the clothes from this article in our college days. At the time, we thought that they were hideous and now they seem so… retro! We hope you’ve enjoyed this Retro Fashion article.

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