Do Reciprocal Links Work To Increase My Page Rank?


 Do Reciprocal Links Work To Increase My Page Rank?

Suppose that you have a page on your website that has very high quality and very focused content. You also find another site, which has similar content to yours, but is not as well-organized. You are considering getting a reciprocal link from this other site onto your own site.

Do Reciprocal Links Work To Increase My Page Rank? Relation or not, you are most likely wondering if it is worth the investment in time because of the ‘link juice’ you will get back in return for what seems like redundancy. 
This article will give information about what do reciprocal links do and how to avoid some common pitfalls when providing one from your page to theirs in order for it to be worthwhile.
As you probably know, Google PageRank is a ranking system used to rank the relevancy of websites on the internet. It has a history of being updated, one example being in October of 2009 when it was updated again and became known as “Caffeine”. What people found is that their page ranks did not go down but actually went up, which gave them more power to influence the viability of your website with this system.

Many people are still unsure if using reciprocal links still does work for Google PageRank. There are many theories that say it does not work because there is no way to determine the validity of a site based on its link popularity. This means that sites that are obviously not very good have high PageRank, giving this system a bad name.

Reciprocal links are links you provide to another site in exchange for them providing one back to you. For example, if You have a website about bird watching and another about photography, and both these sites have content that is relevant to one another; then a reciprocal link is a great way for each site to gain exposure. If one site has the other’s link in its directory, then it helps the other out with how Google views it because they know they have been linked by an authority site on the internet.

The more reciprocal links you have, the higher you will be in the search engine rankings. It is always a good idea to start a reciprocal link by finding other sites that are more serious and have similar interests as your own. You can find these types of sites by doing research or by using common sense. However, it is important to use moderation when adding links to your site. If you are going to place many links on your website and it is considered spammy in nature then Google will do what they can do remove you from their index and blacklist you from being seen on any search engines because they know your page is not a very good resource for their users anymore.

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