Dickies School Uniforms: Spice Up Your Academic Look


 Dickies School Uniforms: Spice Up Your Academic Look

What do you need to get a great school look? You need a few items. A pair of Dickies shorts, for starters. These Dickies shorts are made from 100% cotton and designed to be high-quality and comfortable, something your little academic will appreciate all day long. And make sure you pick up one of these with the print that says "Class Clown." Otherwise, your child will be embarrassed by their peers asking why they're wearing them! This is just the start of what we have in store for you this week. For example: are you searching for a true campus aesthetic but don't want to spend hours on Tumblr? Then our 3-pack of college sweatshirts is right up your ally.

If you're looking to punk your little grade-schooler, we have you covered. We have graphic tees in three different colors and three different styles, each with a unique print. There's the "I Love Weed" tee, the "Stoner" tee and the "Cannabis" tee. The choice is yours! Or if you would rather go for something that is not so overt or controversial, there are our subtle designs like "Super Cool Dad," which is actually an ironic reference to how uncool your dad really is.

As we continue through this week, I promise that you will find a Dickies product for every occasion. You'll be able to dress your little one up for a night of trick-or-treating with our adorable outfits. And don't forget to pick up our Zombie hunting hoodies if you want your kid to look especially unique on the next Zombie walk (which is actually a thing). There's no better way to ensure that everyone at the party knows that you're serious about creating a positive and inclusive environment than by taking away the humanity of what would otherwise be a fellow human being.

This is Dickies, and this is how we take on 2017 together!

Artwork by @oliviatakei_ch'ng, check out her work here: http://www.oliviatakei.com/

Title: Dickies Children's Uniforms: Your Child Will Be The Coolest Kid At School [ARTICLE START]

Here's a fun fact about children: they love clothing that you hate! You know those shirts with idiotic anime characters on them? Those pants that are uncomfortably short? Don't worry, we have all of that for you at Dickies. Let's start with our limited edition Anime clothing, where we took the characters from Naruto and turned them into even more edgy products. Have you ever seen a shirt that says "Kakashi" on it? Right now, you can't, because we just released a new version of it! Our original Kakashi design was too mainstream. So now that we've put Kakashi through the Dickies filter, he has turned into a more sarcastic and ironic character! The best part about our Kakashi shirts is that you can choose to wear one as well. That way, your child will look up to someone they admire while also saying they wish they were someone else entirely. When there's another child at school who wears Kakashi, I guarantee there will be some cruel drama that ensues.

Then there are our Shrek shirts, which are also available in adult sizes. These were the designs on those old shirts that you found in your closet when you were about 12 years old and couldn't bear to throw away. But now! Now that we have covered them with our own design enhancements, they're back! So if you want originality and humor and you want it all in one place, then this is where to get it. You can even find a shirt with a biker-inspired print on the back (which is a nice little way of saying "your family is poor").


I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Dickies News. Stay tuned for more products and fashion tips in the coming weeks. And make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I'll be helping you discover the best ways to wear Dickies next season!


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Artwork by @oliviatakei_ch'ng, check out her work here: http://www.oliviatakei.com/

Actual Dickies Commercial Promoting Their "Dickies For Girls" Line: https://youtu.

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