Destination for Military Surplus Goods


 Destination for Military Surplus Goods

Military stuff might at first sound like a weird topic for a blog post, but the fact is that military surplus shopping has become a huge industry. There are so many benefits to shopping for military gear that it's hard to know where even to start.

Here's the thing: if you shop around, you'll find everything from old uniforms and combat boots, to firearms and tanks. You can find anything your heart desires here at prices that you can afford! Plus, there are stories about how these goods were used in war zones or by soldiers in foreign countries that someone like you could never experience otherwise.

Here's a story about where I got my first camouflage shirt and how I used it to bravely face an attack by a wild dog. If that doesn't sound like something you'd be interested in, then you're probably better off just staying home and taking care of your kids.

So I'm going to tell you exactly how I got started buying military surplus equipment, what made me continue to shop around, and why shopping for military surplus equipment is such a great way to save money. [END ARTICLE]
I unloaded at least one case weight with every item I purchased but some of the day packages were exceptionally heavy. I also went back and purchased duplicates of some items which I think is a good way to make sure that you get the clothes that suit your body type instead of just taking what they give you in the bag.
In this photo I'm surrounded by the stuff that was shipped from Amazon. There's also a few things here and there from other vendors, but most came directly from Amazon.
The overall quality of all these clothes is amazing! The boots are fully leather combat boots made by SAA.  I'm super happy about them since originally they were going to be some kind of Chinese rip off shit which would have been horrible quality or come apart like cheap Converse shoes in 3 months.
I also bought some retro vintage style camp shirts. They look cool and don't show much dirt or sand when out in the field. They are on the fancy side so I'll probably rock them more at home, but they aren't looking all that bad on me here in the field either.
The pants are woodland camo BDU's made by the company Propper, which is another American brand, nice quality!
All my gear is covered in sand because it was raining like crazy while I was taking photos. The rain ended up washing a good amount of dust off everything too which was awesome and it kind of gives this photo a more action hero feel to it...
I also bought a couple of other items, the 'Dress' made by Propper. It has a button up front and is really comfortable and nice looking. I was kinda skeptic at first but it's actually really nice. The material is very soft, feels like flannel, not that cheap polyester crap the BDU is made out of.
And another item that I didn't even know I was going to buy until later is this Relic Ops Military Molle stuff carrier. It's a backpack made for organizing your gear in the field or bringing it along with you while hunting or on your hikes. It's extremely comfortable to wear, is really convenient and isn't as heavy as a normal backpack.
Here I'm wearing the molle gear carrier and a couple of the camp shirts. The pants and the jackets are all in my other bag.
In this photo I'm wearing one of the camp shirts over a regular T-shirt and since it's only slightly larger than most regular t-shirts, it's still kind of low profile. The camo pattern on this shirt is pretty intense as you can see if you look closely..
I also bought some jungle camo pattern shit from another vendor on Amazon but it wasn't my favorite stuff that I got...

Conclusion: I was extremely happy with the gear that I bought and I'm actually still shopping for items that weren't included in my original shipment. This whole deal cost me less than $400 and it's probably the best purchase of my life! The clothes are all really nice quality and they fit just about perfectly.
I think purchasing some of these military surplus goods is a lot more interesting than just going to the store, buying whatever is on sale, or just going to Walmart and getting everything in one place.
This shopping experience had a fun scavenger hunt feel to it too which made it more enjoyable. It wasn't always easy to find some of these items but they were well worth the effort.

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