Designer Ties Make A Statement


 Designer Ties Make A Statement

Designer ties make a statement, but not in the way you might think. More than just an accessory that completes an outfit, designer ties are a status symbol for people who want to show off their knowledge and taste with subtle sophistication. Whether your style is contemporary, modern or classic, designer ties add a touch of class to any ensemble. Understanding what types of designers make their difference will help you choose the perfect tie for yourself or someone else as a gift.

Designer Ties Make A Statement: The Basics

The designers who produce these elegant pieces range from household names such as Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith and Ted Baker all the way down to high-end fashion brands like Valentino and Hermes and boutique labels like 3.1 Phillip Lim. These are some of the most recognized names in the fashion industry, so their ties are often an investment piece. The best ones can be found at high-end department stores or specialty shops with good collections of quality fashion accessories to complement any outfit and fit any lifestyle.

How do you pick the right designer tie?

First, know what types of designers make their statement. Here are some of the best-known names and what they're known for:

If you prefer a preppy look that combines classic patterns with bold colors, Ralph Lauren is an excellent choice. His ties are a mainstay in men's wear off the rack collections because his fabrics are high quality, his patterns and colors dapper and his proportions just right. They make excellent gift choices for anyone who appreciates style but doesn't want to dress too trendy.

Want something a bit more modern? Then look for something by Paul Smith or Ted Baker. Both are known for their graphic ties that feature fun prints like cars, dogs or paisleys on solid colored backgrounds in bright colors like burgundy, blue or yellow. These ties are definitely fun and different, but the best ones look more like art.

Want to stand out? Then you'll want to try Hermes. Their trademark bow ties are made with fine silk and extra-luxe materials that are distinctive even at a distance. They're available in an amazing array of designs from subtle neutral tones to patterns that can make you look like a cartoon character without looking like an over-the-top caricature. They're also great for giving as a gift, because they appeal even to men who don't normally wear ties and women who prefer not to wear one.

The perfect choice for men who want classic style with a touch of class is 3.1 Phillip Lim. Their ties are simple, but their subtle patterns are distinctive, and the colors lively but not over-the-top. They're ideal for wearing to the office during the week and to a casual weekend outing on the weekend.

Designer Ties Make A Statement: What To Avoid

You'll never hear any of these designers telling you not to buy their merchandise. But they do have some things to say about what you shouldn't buy from other vendors who claim their ties are made by well-known designers. In many cases, the vendor will simply be lying; in other cases, they might be buying well-made poor quality ties at low prices and reselling them under another name.


The creative minds of the designers have come up with some fantastic designs to complement any outfit or attitude. If you're looking for a sharp and modern statement, check out Hermes ties. Ties by Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren are classics that make a sophisticated statement on their own. Want to show off classic style? Get one from 3.1 Phillip Lim. For an understated yet classy look, try 3.1 Phillip Lim ties.

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