Design an email newsletter for Viral Marketing


 Design an email newsletter for Viral Marketing

With the average attention span of a human being dwindling below 5 seconds, it’s only a matter of time before email promotion will be obsolete. But for now, it is still the most powerful marketing tool ever devised. Designing an email newsletter for viral marketing however, requires more than just sending blasts to your entire database. It’s about engaging with customers and prospects in a personal way that makes them curious and excited about your brand or product. Here are some tips on designing your emails to be successful at racing through inboxes from sender to recipient with flying colors.

1. Create a main CALL TO ACTION.

This is the most important aspect of any email. It should tell recipients what you want them to do in order to get something from you. Don’t make it too complicated though, or they will delete it without giving it a second glance. As an example, if you are selling widgets, your main call to action could be “Buy Now!” You probably know everything there is to know about your goods and services, so the more direct you can be, the better off you and your customers will be.

2. Be consistent and clear in your messages.

Don’t change the content, branding or layout of your emails. You want people to feel like they know what to expect when they open something you send them. It will help create a stronger connection with your customers, and that is the first step in turning prospects into raving fans of your brand.

3. Use images and videos for increased engagement.

Research has shown that including an image in an email can increase click-through rates by 60 percent or more! Adding video content not only converts better than text, it also makes your emails look less spammy when you break up the blocks of text with a video file.

4. Be human and be friendly!

Don’t forget that email is still the most personal form of communication there is on the web. Be warm and don’t sound like a pushy salesman all the time. Writing in short, declarative sentences will keep your readers interested in reading the copy until the end, where they will hopefully see your call to action. One problem that marketers encounter when designing emails for viral marketing is that people don’t feel like they know who you are. Let them get to know you by writing from an individual point of view, not just as a faceless business.

5. Use a conversational tone in your email newsletter.

You want to be able to share details about your business with your customers, so that they can see you as a real, 3-dimensional person (not just an avatar on the internet). When you make it sound like “I” am talking directly to my customers, the connection becomes easier to build and more likely that they will take an interest in what you have to say. Also, be sure not to sound too formal or serious. Imagine if someone you didn’t know very well sent you emails and used proper grammar at all times? It would seem cold and impersonal.


You can send your readers anything you want to, but if that content is not engaging they’ll never open it again. I hope this tutorial was helpful in showing you the way of how to design an email newsletter for viral marketing campaigns. Remember to have fun when experimenting with your marketing materials and never take yourself too seriously. Happy designing!

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