DayTime Dresses


 DayTime Dresses

Daytime dresses.

What are daytime dresses?

When you need to be chic and professional in the morning, but still feel like a princess. When you know your night time outfit was hot, but that it can't handle the day at work. When you're just tired of wearing your boring old office or school attire all day long! So whether it's on a date or out with friends, consider a daytime dress - they make for fun memories and easy comfort! With vintage-inspired shapes and an abundance of color options (and even some patterns!), these versatile pieces will never let you down when the sun rises... and sets.

What kind of daytime dress should I get?

Anyday! There are a few things to keep in mind when you're shopping for a dress, though. It's important to remember that what goes on your body is something you should consider first and foremost. What's good for the night might not be all that great during the day, so pay attention to how it makes you feel. Size up if it looks a little too snug (and don't worry: this will happen a lot with the fitted styles of vintage-inspired pieces). Also keep in mind that having a little extra give in the waist can make it a lot easier to move around in during the day.

Do I have to get a vintage-inspired piece?

Nope! While you absolutely can wear a vintage-inspired dress from the 1950s,1960,1970's or even earlier, there are just as many options out there for more recent styles. There's no need to let fashion history stop you from trying on something new - it's totally allowed! You could also go for an updated version of an old favorite - like this wonderful midi dress from "The Drews" or this retro black mini cocktail dress. Anyday is a great place to start looking your own wardrobe over... today!

Will it be easy to find a daytime dress?

Most definitely! With so many US sellers of vintage-inspired pieces and sellers from all over the globe, the search will be a snap - you won't even have to leave your house! You could start off with something blue and white... maybe this sweet 1950's sundress or this lovely 1950's cocktail dress will do the trick. Or try black and pink with this cute 1960s Polka Dot Sundress or even something in full color with one of these bright mod printed dresses from the 1960's. If you're not in the mood to shop, you could also take a look at what's on offer right here on!

How do I choose between two styles?

Easy! No matter what the style is that you have your heart set on, remember that it's all about the details. Consider prints, design elements, and even the way it makes you feel when you try it on... and if that still doesn't work, ask a friend or family member for an opinion (just make sure they're not trying to sway your opinion with their own!). Most importantly though...


Daytime dresses are a wonderful and fun way to dress up for evening activities and adventures. Whether you're just going out with friends, or celebrating a special occasion, consider picking up one of these incredible pieces or even getting a few different ones! You can even create your own look when you incorporate one style with another! Whether wearing one piece or several together, these clothes will look great on you... AND they'll feel like they were made just for you! So what are you waiting for? Wear something new today... anyday is a great time to start! We hope that this guide has helped. Happy DayDressing!

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