Clothing Your Children


 Clothing Your Children

What the heck should I buy this year? What size are they now? Am I going to spend a year's salary on them again this month?! These thoughts are racing through your head right now. My advice is to take it one step at a time: start at the beginning of your child's life.

Clothing your child, like you would any new addition to your family, can seem daunting but it isn't as complicated as many think. My husband and I have three children each under two years old. There were many things we knew would become part of our daily routine, only to find out otherwise once we had them in our arms.

No matter your situation, it's a good idea to begin early with baby laundry: changing diapers, bathing and clothing your newborn. Here are some things we learned along the way:

- When buying clothes for a baby, you do not want to buy anything that will resemble something he/she could make themselves. For example, avoid putting bows on socks or choosing bows for some other item. I remember the one time my mom-in-law bought my baby a big bow on her head, thinking that it was so cute! It was painful trying to remove it from her hair.

- Always try to have something extra to put on your baby in case of an emergency. You never know when you will be caught in the rain or have a blow out.

- Have enough clothes for each day, plus one extra outfit in case of an emergency. When choosing clothing, I recommend having more than one set for each day of the week due to blowouts and dirty diapers.

- When it is time to put on their clothing in the morning, don't expect them to hold still! They are like little ninjas nowadays; they can move very quickly and have a good grip on their clothing.

- If you want your child to wear pants or headbands, etc., you need to start this when your child is very young because as soon as they can walk (if not sooner), they will be able to remove them themselves with minimal effort. They also will take off any bows that are placed in their hair/on the clothes. If you try this later on, it will be a challenge.

- If you are having a diaper blowout in the middle of the night, try using some Desitin. It works wonders for your baby's little bottom.

These are some of the things we learned and continue to implement as our children get older. I hope these tips will help you when it comes time to clothe your child or children.

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You have read that understanding your child's character traits will help you find the best clothes for her and use them as a tool to teach her simple rules.

You can use clothing to make your child happy, to show off his positive features and repair his mistakes. I hope this information will help you make wise choices in buying clothes for your children, while enjoying it!

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