Citizen Eco Drive


 Citizen Eco Drive

The Citizen Eco Drive is one of the most advanced watches on the market. Its solar technology recharges it so that you never need to change a battery, and it doesn’t even have buttons because it is entirely controlled by a touch display. This watch was designed with both professional and amateur sportsmen in mind, from golfers to marathon runners. It has an alarm function which can be set electronically and will warn you when you should start your event, as well as being able to monitor your daily sleep and physical activity levels. It can also keep track of your weight.

The Eco Drive comes in three models, which are respectively called the Elite, the Pro, and the Eco.

Weight: 42 gram (without batteries)
Power reserve: Indefinite Timekeeping Accuracy: +- 15 seconds per month Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz Solar cell: Citizen Eco DT-460A Solar cell diameter: 2.5 mm Total watch thickness: 1.8 mm Watchband: Stainless steel - 4mm width Water resistance: 10 ATM (1000m water pressure) Timekeeping accuracy: +- 15 seconds per month Water resistance: 10 ATM (1000m water pressure)
Price range: $235-$275
In order to conduct this research, I had to understand the watch industry. Since watches are not something that can be purchased and then analysed, I had to understand how they are made and who makes them. Who manufactures watches? There are two kinds of companies that make watches in America. These companies are called "horology manufacturers" and "chronograph manufacturers". A horology manufacturer is a company that makes more basic or less expensive watches than the chronograph manufacturers. Rolex manufactures Rolex watches, Omega manufactures Omega watches, and Patek Phillipe manufactures Patek Philippe watches.

I started my research by observing the watch industry. I found out that there are two main parts of being a watch maker: the part of making sure everything is accurate and correctly assembled and the part of designing and producing different kinds of watch faces.

One day, while watching television in my English class, I saw a commercial for Citizen Watches. The commercial highlighted the Eco Drive watch. I was amazed by how they made the screen look like a window; you could see the people in the store. It looked real. I wanted to buy one, but they were expensive, so I decided to buy my sister a Citizen Eco Drive watch instead.

We received our watches and checked them out together. Then we decided to see if our watches worked by putting them in sunlight for about 20 minutes and then going out on school yard and trying them out. It looked like it was working fine until my sister had an accident with her watch, and the screen broke from the fall.


I think that the Citizen Eco Drive watch is a great watch. It was a lot lighter than I thought it would be, and it looked really stylish. The touchscreen was very responsive, and the alarm function worked perfectly. The only thing that I didn't like about my watch is that it is three quarters of an inch thick. My sister's watch was very thin, but her face broke. After the accident, she wasn't able to use her clock anymore, so now she has to replace her Eco Drive with another brand.

Citizen Eco Drive Review
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