Choosing Sunglasses That Enhance Your Style And Protect Your Eyes


 Choosing Sunglasses That Enhance Your Style And Protect Your Eyes

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be tricky. Sure, you want to protect your eyes with sunglasses that are UV-A and UVA-protected and lensless. At the same time, you may want to find a stylish pair that complements your outfit. Perhaps even one with a fashionable designer appearance? But, if you don't pay close attention to how these factors play out in your purchase decision, then not only will you have a lack of style but also inadequate eyewear protection!

In this blog post we'll explore different ways sunglasses can enhance your style while protecting your eyes. So let's get started.

MALPRACTICE: Look at your own or a colleague's face with a mirror (preferably a magnifying one) and check the areas where you might notice any spots where your glasses sit.

A. SIZE FITS ALL: Sizing is a critical aspect of your sunglasses purchase. And you better make sure you have the right size to fit well around your face. If you don't, then budget for having them resized if they don't squeeze your nose cleanly between the sides of your glasses or even if the contact lens area is too close to your eyes.

B. SHAPE MATTERS: Next, the shape of your glasses need to match your face's viewing area. Make sure the lens' width and length are proportional to the width and length of your face. If you wear the wrong size or shape, then you may notice that there is too much space between your eyes and nose or it might look like you have a large forehead.

C. COLOR SCHEME: The colors need to match well with your skin tone range and hair color or hair style (including highlights). Mixing colors can be a fashion statement and it can be done with style if you put some thought into it.

D. SUNSHADE: If you tend to spend a lot of time outside, then your sunglasses need to have UV protection lenses that block most UVA and UVB light from entering your eyes. Also look for any special coatings that give your lenses an extra layer of protection from scratches, smudges, or fingerprints. Avoid mirrored lenses because they can make you squint more than regular ones.

E. HEAD TRACKING: Keep in mind they do not have to cost $100+ to fit all the above 5 criteria properly. There are many cheap and affordable brands that fit the bill.

F. HEAD WEAR: If your sunglasses are too heavy, then it tilts your head back and you may get a headache. For this reason, you need to find a lightweight pair that feels comfortable for long durations of wear. Although fashion is important, make sure comfort is not compromised for style!

G. CHECK ALL THE FEATURES: In addition to price, make sure you check all the other features in a pair of sunglasses such as UV protection lenses (to protect your eyes), anti-scratch coating (to protect your lenses), and molded nose pads (that hold the glasses on).

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