Choosing The Right Jeans For Your Body Type


 Choosing The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

You may already know which jeans are the best for your face shape, but did you know which jeans are best for your body type as well? Different fabrics will flatter different body types because of the way they cling to cowhide, stretch, and hug one figure differently than another.

Taking this into account, lets examine the basic four types of women's clothing: straight styles (such as denim), fitted styles (like a pencil skirt), wrap dresses with ties or capes that fall over one arm (vanity sizing), and relaxed dress slacks.

Straight-cut clothing is most flattering on straight figures. These jeans are made with a high waist and a boot cut or no flare. The "no-flare" jeans are more popular these days, but if you want to wear flared jeans, you can always get them altered to fit your legs.

Tilting the hips forward creates an uneven distribution of the pants' fabric at the bottom half of the leg, which makes for an unbalanced and awkward looking result. Tight fitting trousers that hug your hips will produce this same effect. These styles are best suited for a woman with slim hips or one who is very short (below 5'2″).

Fitted clothing should be worn in the right style with the right lines. The best way to achieve this effect is by wearing a pencil skirt. A pencil skirt will create waist definition, eliminating awkward looking rolls of fabric at your hips. By making your waist look more elongated, your legs will make more of an impression on the world than if you were wearing jeans that are too baggy and flowy.

Wrap dresses that fit over one shoulder creates a long drape that falls over one side of the body smoothly, revealing one entire side from the hip to the waist. Any fitted clothing that hugs along the length of the body and then flares out at the bottom looks best on a woman with a small bust.

Relaxed slacks are designed for a woman with a large bust or hips. Slacks that are fitted to look like pants do not create an appealing effect on women who don't have skinny legs. The added material only creates unnecessary bulk. Relaxed slacks with just enough bootcut to make your legs look longer will always look best on you.

Now that you know what jeans to wear, choose your clothing wisely and select jeans that will accentuate your figure. You will feel more confident and look more attractive.

Conclusion :
Dressing well takes time and practice. Just think about how those of us who have been shopping for years still make mistakes occasionally! Don't expect to become a pro overnight. You will get there with time and patience. Just remember to take into account what you want to flatter about your body and shop accordingly.

Not every body type is the same, but each can be shown off in the right clothes. Always take into account your curves, and you'll look great no matter what your size!

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