Choosing The Perfect Bridal Gown


 Choosing The Perfect Bridal Gown

If you're one of the lucky few who is getting married, congrats! Getting dressed up on your wedding day is always a thrilling occasion, but choosing the perfect dress can be a daunting process in itself. This article will hopefully help you out by outlining some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for that special dress.

Fashion magazines and celebrity culture have made us all pretty superficial—it's hard to not get caught up in our looks. But there are so many other aspects of your wedding day that are just as important: what it means for you and your partner, what it'll mean for your future kids, how it'll look back on these photos fifty years from now...

When you're out shopping, don't just go for the one that looks best on your body—go for the one that makes you feel the most beautiful. Maybe it's a big, poofy dress. Maybe it's a sleek, fitted dress. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as it makes you feel comfortable and happy and like yourself . You're going to be the one living with this dress every day for years to come, so make sure it's something that you can really live with.

If you're anything like me, shopping isn't really your thing—I'm a lot more of a "just give me something nice and I'll wear it" kind of person. But I know all the wedding magazines make it seem like you have to try on a zillion different dresses, and I can't promise that's not true. It is up to you and your partner how much effort you want to put into this process. Personally, my fiance and I just went to one store, found the right dress in about thirty minutes, and bought it (and we did have a bit of help from our mothers). It worked out for us because we're both so low-maintenance, but just keep in mind that dressing up is supposed to be fun, so don't feel pressured if you don't want to spend hours at a boutique.

Another thing to keep in mind: don't wear a wedding gown to formal dinners, baby showers, or other fancy events. For one thing, it'll be very uncomfortable sitting in it! Actually, that's the last time I'd advise anyone to wear a wedding gown to that kind of event.

So what kind of dress are you looking for? Here's the catch-all answer: whatever you like best. If you like skirts and dresses with lots of detail but don't want a fitted silhouette (which tends to make your boobs look bigger), maybe you want a floor-length dreamy number. If you're more of a "show your curves" type of girl, try something that looks like a corset. If you want something classic and simple, try a nice fitted knee-length suit or dress .

A good place to start is also by asking yourself what kind of occasion this will be: the bride is getting married in the morning and she won't have time for two dresses later on (say, a gown for an afternoon reception), or someone is getting married at night and wants to look amazing straight away (maybe for a few hours).


Hopefully this guide will help you out as you're choosing the perfect wedding gown, but if you have any other fashion tips or tricks, let me know in the comments! I'm always eager to learn new things. 
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