Choosing Eyeglasses


 Choosing Eyeglasses

Choosing eyeglasses can be a difficult, and sometimes confusing, task. But today we are going to make it easy for you by narrowing down the options so that you have a greater chance of getting exactly what you want.

Glasses frames do not have to be exclusively selected from high end designer brands only, but they should still be well-crafted and made of quality materials. Elaborate frames like Kramer is known for are not necessary to get glasses that look amazing on a person's face and match their personal style.

Why you should buy glasses from your optician, or eye doctor, is because they have a vast knowledge of glasses and their styles. If you do not take this into consideration and blindly pick out the frames that "look" good on your face, it could end up being a bad choice for you. Knowing what looks good on all types of faces will help you narrow down your options; however, eyeglasses styles do vary extensively.

There are three basic types of glasses: round-frame glasses (sometimes called plastic), square-frame glasses (sometimes called metal) and rectangular-frame glasses (sometimes called tortoise).

A popular trend that has been quite prevalent in the past few years, and is continuing to grow, is the Retro-round look. This style mimics the old style lens shape of the 50's and 60's. The glasses that come with this look are a bit thicker than regular plastic frames.

This frame type looks great on oval shaped faces (like heart shaped) as well as rounder faces. They do not look good on very thin faces though because they make them appear much rounder than they actually are.

Round frames are also a bit more casual-looking than the other frame styles. They look great in the office, but you probably wouldn't wear them out on the town as much.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a type of frame is that most men do not wear metal frames unless it is a very unique style. Metal frames tend to be more feminine in appearance, because they are very angular and thin. This does not mean that all men are unwilling to try out this frame style; however, it is probably not one of their first choices. The bottom line: choose a frame that compliments your face shape and fashion preferences.

Round glasses usually come in the following types:

Crimson or red plastic frames: these frames are made of a dark red color with the added bonus that they feature a small, white colored imprint on the bottom half. They are great for people who typically have a tan or ashy complexion since the red tint of the frames compliment this skin tone. They look very handsome on men and women alike. These glasses are also great for those people who have lighter hair colors because they just don't stand out that much in comparison to their hair color.

Conclusion: if you have darker hair, or a darker complexion, than you will probably not want to go with these frames.

Black plastic frames: these frames are just as dark as the crimson ones but feature no white print on the bottom half of them. They are a little more boring to look at but great for those people who want to wear glasses that are less flashy, and are in a sense "basic". They also look good on people who just want a neutral color without any added features on them.

Conclusion: black plastic glasses are great overall, and can be worn for all occasions. However, if you have red hair or another very dark hair color then you may want to avoid wearing these frames.

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