Career Apparel: Dress for Success


 Career Apparel: Dress for Success

The traditional suit and tie are still a staple in many business environments, but today’s economy has raised the bar on what is considered acceptable work attire. Job seekers often confuse the dress code of their prospective employers with those of other industries; therefore, they end up dressing inappropriately for job interviews. This post will walk you through what styles to wear for different types of jobs while also providing access to quality career apparel at your fingertips.

When it comes to selecting an outfit suitable for an interview, remember that most employers are looking for natural confidence in a personality and work ethic over certain brands or clothing types. Therefore, dress conservatively and appropriately for the type of job you are interviewing for. Avoid over-accessorizing your attire or wearing flashy or inappropriate clothing as this can diminish the overall impression you leave on a prospective employer. Following these simple tips will help to put you in a good position to land an interview and possibly find your dream job!

The following post will walk you through what style of suit and tie is appropriate for different types of jobs:

*Office Attire*
For certain office jobs, it is acceptable to wear a suit. However, keep in mind the type of job you are interviewing for as well—if it is a high position within the company, it may be appropriate to wear a suit and tie. For these jobs, elegant colors like navy or black are acceptable.

· For men: These colors are acceptable because they can conceal stains that may occur and will remain professional. Avoid wearing bright colors as they can draw attention; therefore, stick with understated patterns such as pinstripes or small stripes in navy blue or grey.

· When it comes to necktie styles, opt for long ties that reach your belt buckle sometime between 1-2 inches above the waistline of your pants. This will ensure that you do not get too close to the collar when buttoned.

· Avoid wearing bandanas or flowery ties as these can be distracting when viewed up close.

· Shoes should be worn that will not make loud noises. Recommended shoes for men include: dress shoes with a low heel, oxfords, cap-toes, and sandals. Wear only neutral colored leather shoes if you are interviewing for a job in banking or finance as these colors may attract attention in this industry. In addition, avoid wearing white leather shoes as they tend to become dirty very quickly and will get stained easily from food found around your desk at work.

· Ties should be worn in a variety of styles to make yourself stand out. Additionally, ties that contain patterns of animals, American flags, and stripes are good choices for interview attire.

· Hair should be neat and trimmed. Avoid wearing an abundance of hair products as this can cause it to look greasy; therefore, try to minimize how often you use these products for job interviews and when you do wear them, apply them lightly.

· Wear minimal amounts of cologne or perfume as it may be distracting in an interview situation.

· You may consider bringing a second outfit with you just in case the first one becomes wrinkled or stained.


When it comes to interviewing, the appearance of your clothing is not as important as the skills you can bring to the table. However, having a piece of career apparel on hand at all times can help you feel more confident in front of a prospective employer and will likely get you that job offer! There are many affordable websites such as from where you can order inexpensive but stylish clothes for any occasion. It is always a good idea to dress appropriately for your interview, but also to dress appropriately for the type of job you are applying for.

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