Buying a Swimsuit: A Guide for Women of all Shapes and Sizes


 Buying a Swimsuit: A Guide for Women of all Shapes and Sizes

For a lot of people, summer is synonymous with getting bikini ready. Whether you’re hitting the beach, pool, or backyard pool party, being prepared for your swimsuit season requires some strategic planning. However, there are no two body types alike and no one wants to be left out of the fun with their clothing choices. So to make sure everyone has access to the best swimsuits regardless of size or shape we put together this guide for buying a swimsuit: A Guide for Women of all Shapes and Sizes. In this article we provide tips on how to shop more confidently online explained with examples from actual customers. We also share some alternative, stylish ways to rock your swimsuit season with confidence.

The History of Swimsuits: From One-Piece to Bikini

Although there hasn’t been much scholarly research on the history of swimsuits, there is a considerable amount of information that can be found by reading vintage fashion and costume websites. Since the main goal was to make women feel comfortable and confident, I looked towards the late 1800s and early 1900s when swimsuits were more modest than what you’d see today. They used to be called “bathing costumes” and were usually made from wool or cotton fabrics in drab colors like black or navy blue. These swimsuits had strings in the back to hold them up, and often came with a bra for any women who wanted to perform breaststrokes or regular breast exercises while wearing them. Still, there were a few types of swimwear that had no strings at all and only consisted of one piece in the front and in the back.

When you think about where swimsuits come from, you’d probably think about Hollywood movies like Grease or Pretty Woman where men are usually wearing Speedos and women are wearing bikinis. There’s nothing wrong with that, because there’s nothing wrong with a sexy movie. The real history of swimsuits starts with men and women who wanted to have fun in the water, be comfortable, and protect their modesty while doing so. Nowadays, we wear swimwear for different reasons, such as the beach or pool. Even though swimwear may still be a form of clothing women wear in public, I think it provides an entirely new meaning than it did when I was younger. Whether you want to cover up more or you want to show off more is up to you.

When it comes to fashion, some people prefer to wear swimsuits that are essentially one piece. These swimsuits may be made from a single piece of fabric or multiple pieces that are sewn together. It’s easy to see why these kinds of swimwear are popular with casual beachgoers — they show off everything and nothing. When you go shopping for a one-piece bathing suit, you’ll have more options in terms of style and color. You can wear a high-neck one piece or just a band around your hips, depending on your preference.


The first thing to do is decide where you want to shop. If you’re looking for a large selection of bathing suits, I recommend shopping online. Since swimwear is essential for the upcoming season, make sure to order your swimwear well before your trip so it gets there on time. You’ll also want to remember that swimsuits are seasonal and the styles will change depending on what stores carry and when they’re in-season. Luckily, swimwear is usually available year-round online, so you can get what you want at any given time.

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