Bridal Lingerie on Your Wedding Night


 Bridal Lingerie on Your Wedding Night

For many brides-to-be, the thought of wearing their wedding dress on their wedding night is not an appealing one. But if you’re rushing to get married before the honeymoon, it might come as a surprise that wearing your wedding dress on your honeymoon can be very romantic and special.

Wearing your gown is a way to appreciate the moment in both word and deed. The dress itself will likely prompt raised eyebrows from the hotel concierge; but once they see you with your spouse wrapped up in each other’s arms, they’ll be happy for you.

If you are wearing the same dress, you could even request a second honeymoon suite, or a suite with a king-size bed, so both of you can put your dress to good use.

However if one of you is not wearing a wedding dress, there’s no need to feel underdressed on your honeymoon. Many hotels offer special honeymooner rates and packages that can help make your wedding night more romantic. Consider booking the honeymoon suite at the resort or hotel you are staying at, and be sure to ask about any special perks for honeymooners.

A stunning addition to a wedding gown could be the bridal lingerie you wear underneath. According to the bride-to-be, Lingerie among your wedding lingerie subconsciously makes you feel more like a bride on your wedding day. You could choose an entirely different look under your gown with a matching bra and panty ensemble.

One way to make sure that you get the most out of your special night would be to choose a lingerie set that is both sexy and elegant. Many lingerie makers provide wedding-day suggestions and tips for brides who wear their wedding dresses on their honeymoon. It’s best to choose a lingerie set that flatters your body.

Cheap Bridal Lingerie Sets are available at many online stores, and it is possible to find the perfect lingerie set for you wedding night, even if you have an ultra-brief or non-existent honeymoon. If you are on a budget, look for bridal lingerie sets that include a garter belt and a pair of thigh highs to go with your bra and panties.

You can also choose by price range or shop according to fabric type or color. While some stores only offer white silk lingerie , others offer sexy black lace clothing. Silk will feel smooth against your skin while lace feels more romantic and luxurious. Be sure to choose a color or fabric that compliments your skin tone and personal style.

Many women also prefer to choose beige lingerie for their wedding night, because it complements a variety of complexions and is flattering with most dress colors. Some brides choose white, pink or red lingerie depending on the season of their wedding.

As you can see shopping for bridal lingerie is easy. You’ll have many options to choose from no matter what your budget is, as long as you know what colors, fabrics and styles will look best on you.


Bridal lingerie is both functional and beautiful. Many women choose to wear it on their wedding day to feel more like a bride, and it can also be worn on your honeymoon for an even more romantic touch. Look for lacy white stuff or soft silk undergarments at the same time as you choose your dress so you can get everything just right.

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