Bow tie – It’s different from the regular neck tie


 Bow tie – It’s different from the regular neck tie

A bow tie is a type of necktie worn by men, consisting of a piece of cloth (ribbon or fabric) with an asymmetrical knot at the front. The resulting narrow strip of fabric that is in the shape of a bow. It sits above the wearer’s breast pocket and usually matches the color scheme or pattern on either side of it.

It is generally regarded as an informal style of necktie and is less formal than the necktie as worn by business people. The traditional bow tie is often made of silk, velvet, or satin (sometimes called a self-tie bow tie). It can be worn with both formal and casual attire. Depending on the combination of fabric used, it can have a low-key or festive look.

The origin of the bow tie is unknown; an early record dates from 1738 AD in Britain, referring to “a kind of ribband which men wear on their collars”. The first known use of bow ties was by English formal military officers in 1812 who wore the ties while parading at night.

The bow tie is closely related to the ascot tie, which is worn by some men as a necktie alternative. Both ties are part of the “knotless necktie” category.

Formal bow ties are generally used only in formal attire such as white tie, black-tie formal dress codes (such as tuxedos), or when attending the theater, whether it be ballet, opera/symphony, musical theater, or a play. Bow ties worn during the daytime are usually known as ascots and are worn in lieu of an ordinary necktie. The bow tie is also used for some subcultures where its casual nature makes it more acceptable than a regular necktie.

Another use of bow tie is by members of the British and European upper class, such as in the British Army, or by those who wish to emulate these people. During the 1970s, bow ties were a popular fashion accessory among young American men in California. The bow tie is also sometimes a sign of sexual maturity, such as that worn by teenaged boys; this is most commonly seen cross-dressing. Some college students wear bow ties in formal apparel and turn it into a casual look by wearing their sweater's neck hole a little higher than normal. The bow tie worn by runners in marathons often serves the same function as a jock strap.

Bow ties are also frequently worn by children, especially boys. In many cultures, children wear many different types of neckties for different occasions; it is believed that the bow tie is intended to serve as an accessory to compliment a child’s outfit, whereas a regular necktie would function as the primary. During some cultural celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas (including Yuletide), bow ties are often worn by children; however, they may be made of fabric or ribbon rather than knotwork.


The bow tie is different from the regular necktie, it is more formal to wear and for people who want to look more fashionable. It can be worn with tuxedo or dress clothes. Bow tie is usually worn by men when attending formal parties or when going for a job interview.

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