Body Jewelry


 Body Jewelry

Have you ever been traveling, on a date, or just out and about at a party and felt like you needed to make an impression? Maybe you want to look edgy or stand out from the crowd, but don't know what type of body jewelry to wear. Well, here are 10 ideas that will help you start your own collection without breaking the bank.

- Necklace - 
Headband with spikes - 
Earrings with dangles - 
Necklace with spiked balls on it - 
Necklace with spikes cut out into a crescent moon shape then wrapped around the neck and sewn down into the collarbone area. The zipper pulls are orange. - 
Necklace with spikes. The zipper pulls are orange. - 
Necklace with spikes on it. - 
Necklace with silver spikes, large and small, on it. The zipper pulls are purple and orange. - 
Necklace with monkey face hanger. - 
Necklace with spiked metal balls attached to each other by string and a clasp made of leather string and a single spike in the middle of it all. - 
These are just a few examples of body jewelry pieces that can help you make an impression. There is nothing better than showing off your personality through your style. These items add that unique flavor to whatever you wear. According to those who know me, I'm not a superficial person. In fact, I'm quite the opposite. My personality is defined by my sense of style and creativity. I like to experiment with what I wear and see how it affects people around me. So let your personality come out with these pieces of body jewelry, because everyone will get a kick out of it!
- Zipper pulls - 
Zipper pulls are used for a couple of things. First, they're used to hold the edges of your pants together so that you have to take them off one foot at a time. To do this, you need two zipper pulls on your jeans with the metal part facing up and the string part pointing out and away from your body. The other thing you can use them for is as body jewelry . They may not sound appealing, but if you think about it they're quite fashionable. I've seen people wear them under huge chunky earrings or in their hair as beads. If worn right they can make an impact on the outfit.
If you're going to wear your zipper pulls in your hair be sure to put them on right side up. That way there isn't anything sharp pointing out at you. You can get zipper pulls in all different sizes, shapes and colors. You can get them in black, white, red, silver and gold. They will typically run for less than $2 a pair and can be purchased at any mall or store that sells jeans. Like I said earlier they make for great body jewelry .
You can easily show off your personality with a single charm bracelet around your wrist.


I hope this article helped you with your quest for body jewelry charms and accessories. Don't worry if you don't have a whole lot of money to spend on these things as this article discusses some small, cheap and inexpensive ideas that will help you out in the mean time. Remember, there is no trick to becoming an expert on body jewelry charms; all it takes is a little bit of time, imagination and effort. Give it a'll truly be surprised at your own personal style.

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