Bluetooth Not A Toothbrush But A Powerful New Wireless Technology


 Bluetooth Not A Toothbrush But A Powerful New Wireless Technology

The Bluetooth Toothbrush is a new, wireless toothbrush that uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone. The brush oscillates at a frequency of 2.4GHz, which in theory because the energy spectrum of a toothbrush and the frequencies emitted from wireless devices is very similar. This allows for the Bluetooth application to pick up on this signal and fulfill its function as an app timer, helping to ensure your brushing time is not too long or short by reminding you when it's been ten minutes since you started brushing your teeth. 

The very first toothbrush that is controlled via Bluetooth was a product by Waterpik in 2014. The toothbrush however, also only worked with Waterpik's app, which allowed for the control of the water pressure, angle and speed of the brush. Since then companies have tried to create their own Bluetooth toothbrushes of their own; a toothbrush designed especially for children in 2016 being an example. However, these products work with just one app, meaning consumers can only use one way to track brushing time and not two. 

Not much has been done about this technology in 2017 until Toothbrushes launched its Bluetooth Toothbrush to the public on Kickstarter on January 18th. By the end of the campaign on January 31st, the toothbrush was funded. 

The Bluetooth Toothbrush is a Bluetooth controlled toothbrush that is controlled through an accompanying smartphone application. The brush itself has two motion sensors which allow it to automatically oscillate at varying frequencies to mimic the action of your teeth brushing. The brush itself comes with two AAA batteries that can be stored or removed should they die out. This toothbrush also comes with Bluetooth connectivity so it can connect to your phone and app via a range of up to 30 feet, allowing users to use this as a wireless timer while they brush their teeth. 

TongueClean Bluetooth Toothbrush is a Bluetooth technology that connects to the smartphone and controls aspects of the toothbrush. By using Bluetooth, you can use this as a media stand, turning your smartphone into a TV remote control. Once the toothbrush is in agreement with the app, it will start an automatic timer that can be stopped by tapping on the screen. You can also change brushing direction, or choose between two different speed modes based on time. The brush itself is powered by two AAA batteries which are included in the box, meaning you only need an external power source for charging purposes. 

The TongueClean app focuses around keeping track of how long you have been brushing, however only allows the user to use one brush at a time. The toothbrush is pretty new, so there isn't really an application for this product at the moment. The company needs to develop its own application for it so as to allow users to control both their fingers and brushing time, meaning a low rating on the Apple App store and Google Play Store would be expected in due time. 

The Bluetooth Toothbrush is currently rated 4.5 out of 5 on the Amazon website (August 2017) with over 100 reviews on the page.


The Bluetooth Toothbrush is a very new but promising addition to the toothbrush market, as it is the first of its kind. The product has strong support through Kickstarter and recently had its first commercial product come out in the form of a toothbrush. The Bluetooth Toothbrush does not have an application, and there are no plans for it to have one either. After this campaign ends, the company behind the Bluetooth Toothbrush will need to work on developing an app for this product so as to allow for users to use it in two ways - brushing timer and remote controls - plus adding a better rating system than just one review being posted on Amazon.

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