Bikini Swimsuits


 Bikini Swimsuits

Summer is fast approaching and I can't wait!
And while it's always fun to hit the beach and enjoy the sun, in order to take full advantage of my time at the sandy shore, I have to remind myself that a bikini swimsuit is an absolute necessity. 
That's why I'm excited to share with you these 10 tips for finding your perfect bikini.

1. Don't buy too early - Wait till after a few months have passed. The more the season progresses, most likely you'll find what you're looking for in with stores (sun exposure changes everything). 
2. Ask someone help - Don't ever go to a store alone. You might find the perfect bikini there, but you'll end up selling it after that first trip. Instead, have a friend or family member accompany you to help ease your shopping experience and tell you whether or not the suit you're about to purchase is flattering.
3. Create and maintain your own "swim" style board - It's always easier to shop when you don't have too many options, so create a board with photos of everything that strikes your fancy. This will help curb that second trip to the dressing room in which you accidentally purchase what's on sale instead of what actually fits well on your body type.
4. Trust in your color - Always stick to what works best for you. For example, if you've always looked best in neon or black swimwear, try to steer clear of any other colors.
5. Know your size - Take note of the size that works for you in the past and make sure it's still the same size after a month or so.
6. Stick with one style at a time - If you're trying to find that perfect bikini, don't buy an underwire top with a high-cut bottom and vice versa . You'll end up creating an awkward middle ground between two different styles and end up not liking either of them.
7. Get a little crazy - Don't be afraid to wear something a little flashy, or a little daring. This is your chance to be the unique and sexy you that everyone should see during the summer!
8. Play with proportions - You don't have to follow the classic lines of bikinis. Although you're trying to create a cohesive look, don't be afraid to do something different with your bikini. You never know what might work well and bring out your best features!
9. Keep it simple - One large or crazy pattern may not be enough when it comes to patterns. Choose one solid color for your base and go crazy with patterns on top .
10. Shop in the winter - Websites like Asos have amazing sales on swimwear all year round.
These tips may seem daunting, but they're a lot easier to follow than you probably think!
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The one thing that I learned from this post is the fact that having a perfect-fitting bikini is not easy. You have to be sure of your purchase and take into consideration all the tips before you make a purchase. So I hope that you also have realized how important it is to always go to a shop and try on bathing suits when you get the chance. Too bad there are only a few places in the country where you can do this, but here in Australia there are so many shops where you can find beautiful and most importantly, trendy bikinis at very affordable prices. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article! 
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