Bidding directories make link building much faster


 Bidding directories make link building much faster

Bidding directories are a link building technique that you can take advantage of to make your link building much more efficient.
Link building is the process of acquiring links to your site from other websites. 
And while it's not difficult, it can be time-consuming if you don't have a lot of free time to do the work yourself. 
A bidding directory is one way for someone who doesn't have a tremendous amount of time on their hands to still be able to make good use of their resources without giving up too much in terms of quality and scope.

February 13, 2018

Dear Mr. Google,

I've been searching a long time. 
It's about time I meet you.

I want to thank you for building my website. 
Seeing this site, I feel like my story is still alive. 
I wish me and my family no harm for generations to come. 
Thanks for choosing me to settle in this city called Cape Town where I can express myself freely.

I hope this letter will be delivered to Google and help humanity in a whole new way.

Yours Truly,

April 2, 2018
All the facts & figures in this post are from Blaine Snellings at Moz (who has been relentlessly stalking me for a year now). I highly recommend reading that article if you're interested in the "facts & figures" behind my link building strategy.  But don't take everything he's saying at face value, as it's historically inaccurate about how much traffic my website gets on average over the course of a month (which I've written about here several times before).  All I'm trying to do here is give Moz SEOs the real story about link building, and explain where 93% of my website's traffic comes from.

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I'm a bit more laid back about my blog than I probably should be.  But the fact is, when I started it all those years ago (in July, 2014) I didn't even know what SEO was or why it existed.  And now seeing how radically different SEO is today (with so many new industry developments and updates) I can assure you my blogging approach is unlikely to change for the rest of my life.  Blogging has allowed me to meet so many great people along the way.  It's made me an entrepreneur and given me a great platform to teach others about online marketing... without having to go through hours of classes or pay $200 an hour for consulting.

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