Bell Casting - How To Build A Heirloom


 Bell Casting - How To Build A Heirloom

Common Knowledge

Bell Casting is a process by which molten metal is poured into a clay mold to create intricate designs and patterns. The finished product-a bell-is then removed from the mold and allowed to cool before being placed in its final location. 

Do It Yourself, And You'll Be Thrilled!
I have always been fascinated with the idea of sculpting my own artifacts rather than buying what's on offer each time I come across some sort of event like Mother's Day or Christmas. One day while browsing through an online craft store, I saw that they sold molds for making clay bells. It was a great idea, and I made up my mind to contact them to learn more about this process.
I got in touch with the online shop and asked them if they could give me some information on cast bell casting. They agreed to send me the details I needed, which was really kind of them, because this was not a request that they were obliged to act on. But they wanted their customers to know about this alternative method of making gifts for special occasions.
The short version is that I ordered several molds and then submitted my order for metal casting . The process was very simple-all I had to do was fill each mold with wet clay until it reached the top, leaving just enough space for metal pouring . I did not have to think or weigh anything. And when the casting process was completed, I knew exactly what I would create with each mold.
The staff at the shop provided me with a pack of instructions that included information on how to use the molds, as well as techniques for sculpting and molding thin clay. Something else that impressed me is their commitment to customer satisfaction-they offered to pack up my stuff for free for shipping purposes. The only thing they asked me for was my seal - which was very short notice and felt like a hassle. Now if they hadn't offered this service, I might have chosen another online shop .
Making Bells
When I received my molds and instructions, I was ready to start learning about this craft. The first thing I did was make a list of materials that are essential for making these bells. Among other things, they needed to have heat and soundproofing properties. Because my molds were very intricate, I also needed them to be strong enough to handle the pressure exerted by the molten metal. All these factors were important in order to ensure a beautiful finished product.
The following sections provide details on what materials were used in the making of my bells.
The Molds
When choosing a mold, I focused on two important aspects: the quality and price of the craft. I liked the idea of having my own clay crafts, and as a result, I was willing to pay more for something that would give me better results.
I began by ordering two molds from a local manufacturer. They were manufactured using heat resistant cement and air-set plaster. The mold surface was also sealed with clear lacquer to prevent any air bubbles . When this process was complete, they were fired in an intense oven to ensure their durability .
I also used two more molds that I had purchased online. They were made of silicon, and according to the manufacturer, they are good for castings up to 750 pounds. This was just what I needed because the majority of my future projects will be much larger than that. In addition, I took advantage of their free shipment option since it allowed me to have the molds delivered straight to my doorstep.
The Cement
To make sure that my clay would not crack during the metal casting process, I had to make sure that it was mixed correctly. One way I did this was by learning about different types of cement. For example, wet cement is used because it has a very low resistance when mixed with water .

The molds are made of silicon and heat-resistant cement. They are used for self-firing, heat resistant, self-setting, and self-storing castings. However, the company also offers sand casting machine mold making services in a wide range of products and materials.
The Shop 101 - Bell Casting - How To Build A Heirloom
Simple To Do
This is not only a fun but it can be very easy to do as well. If you wanted to make bell "rings" for your wedding rings, here's what you would do: You will need some easy air dry clay that looks like play doh...

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