Be the Belle of the Ball at Your Next Party


 Be the Belle of the Ball at Your Next Party

Embrace the idea of being the center of attention with our guide to throwing a party that all your guests will talk about for months! Whether you want to host a simple cocktail party in your living room or an elaborate celebration, you’ll find our tips here. If you can do these three things, everyone will be asking if they can bring over their friends next time they come over and will end up eating away from home for weeks.

How to throw a successful party:

-Pick out your venue and show it off!
-Start small with two or three people—no emergency number required.
-Include a theme (if possible) that keeps the guest list interested and involved.
-Invite the right people: bring A-list celebrities or the most eligible bachelors to your party.
-Beware of empty walls, over-drinking, and bad hostess etiquette.
-Have a safety net in place for party disasters: have a designated driver on call, make sure everyone is well fed, and have someone to cover any emergency numbers.
-Invite notable guests that will make your event special.

Be the Belle of the Ball at Your Next Party! (A Guide to Hosting a Successful Party) [ARTICLE ENDS]

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