Baby Clothes Overstock and Clearance Items – Why Donating Makes Sense


 Baby Clothes Overstock and Clearance Items – Why Donating Makes Sense

We all know that baby clothes are expensive. But what if you had a ton of baby clothes that your child has outgrown? What would you do with all those leftover pieces? One option is to donate them to charity, like the Salvation Army or Baby's First Outfit. But there's one more benefit they provide: the money you put into a donation program will help fund other children in need and their families too!

While donating may seem like a no-brainer, it is worth noting that when your own child outgrows certain items, it can feel very natural to replace them with brand new ones. However it's important to consider the impact merchants have on the world, and the money you spend on baby clothes can have a positive impact on children in need.

The statistics are clear: in America alone, 1 in 5 children fall into poverty and are not being served by any of our social service agencies. In other words: there are kids who need clothes. Some of these children will be receiving hand-me-downs at Christmas (even though that gift may be more than they'll want or need). Others won't even receive gifts at all. As parents, we can help address this issue through purchases such as baby blankets and bibs or homemade gifts like quilts for which we have used clothing scraps.

So what's another couple of dollars you may be spending on your child's new wardrobe, if you could instead direct that money to a better cause? It's worth considering that when baby clothes end up in a donation bin, they still allow children to "grow out" of them - without ever having worn them.

In addition to ensuring that fewer children go through poverty and even sickness due to lack of proper clothing, donated baby clothes and other items also help families in need stay together. The Salvation Army offers "clothing for the whole family." Another charity, the Angel Tree Project (in Santa Fe, NM) provides used baby clothing to low-income single mothers. If you have gifted a quilt or other handmade gifts that contain baby clothing, now is a great time to consider donating it to one of these programs for children in need.

All of the proceeds from the sale of items sold on Children's Closet are donated to the Children's Closet organization, which provides much needed clothing and home goods to babies and children who've experienced medical hardships as well as families in need. Because the number of children receiving these donations is so high, that means more donations can be made than with any other organization in Santa Fe.

The Children's Closet has been dedicated to bringing a better life for children since 1858. Along the way, they've expanded beyond just providing baby items. In 2014, to help women in need of infant items after pregnancy loss, they started the Providence Community Project which provides necessary goods from cribs and strollers to under garments and toys. With this continued expansion of services children need, donations will continue to put books in the hands of babies while still fund new projects that make a difference for families.

Last year alone the Children's Closet provided more than 297,000 pieces of new clothing for children born in Santa Fe County.


Donating baby clothes is a great way to make a difference and help kids in need. The money raised from sales at local thrift stores helps fund children's programs, and the donations themselves ensure that kids get a good start on life despite their circumstances. With so many children in poverty, it's important to remember that your donations can make all the difference for these families.

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We have all grown up wearing donated items that have made us feel special – much of Santa Fe can remember wearing second-hand prom dresses or hand-me-down school sweaters.

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