Automating with Autoresponders


 Automating with Autoresponders

Automation scripts have been around for years. Previously used in online industries, they now serve a variety of purposes for businesses like keeping track of customer trends and providing recommendations and deals. Now, anyone can use these scripts to automate their daily tasks so that they can spend more time on what matters most to them!

Follow the steps outlined in this blog to learn how to set up your own autoresponders that are fully integrated with your personal email so there's no need for an additional account or login required, making the process quick and seamless.

1. Set Up Your List

First, you'll need to set up a list where you can send out your automated emails. If you don't already have an autoresponse list, go to the "Lists" tab at the top of your Gmail account and click on "Create new list." You will then choose the name of your list and create a description if you wish. Your email address will be required so that this is where all the messages from this list will be sent. Click on "Create" and your Gmail account will create your new list for you.

2. Add Email Addresses to Your List

Next, add all the addresses that you'd like to send the automated emails to. Simply click on the "Addresses" tab at the top of your Gmail account and you'll see all of your contacts listed in rows. To add emails to a new list, click on the "Add email address" link next to an individual contact and choose who you would like to send the email to.

3. Choose How Often You Want Emails Sent From Your Autoresponder

If you'd like, you can choose how often the selected email addresses will receive automated emails. For example, if I have one person on my list that receives emails only every other week, I could set up a schedule that sends them a message every two weeks. To edit the schedule, click on the "Settings" tab at the top of your Gmail account and scroll down to "Automate this list." Here you'll see that you can choose how often automated emails will be sent.

4. Set Up Your First Email

After you've set up your first email, it's time to get started with some of those fun HTML tricks! To get started with an HTML email, create a new draft by clicking on the dropdown next to the compose button and choosing "New draft." If you choose not to use HTML, then you can send a plain text version of your message by choosing "Plain text" from the dropdown menu.

For this example, we'll be using HTML, so click on the left hand side of the message window to bring up a html code editor box. Copy and paste the following code into the blank email draft you've created:

<h1>What's Up?</h1>
<p><i>Hey Bob!</i></p> <p><a href="">We just launched a new landing page design tool that everyone will be talking about.</a><br/><br/> <a href="">Click here to check it out.


You should now have an autoresponder that sends out emails at designated times. Customize your message to meet your needs, and start automating your emails today!

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