Authentic watches – more than telling time, discovering luxury!


 Authentic watches – more than telling time, discovering luxury!

In the past, watches were merely timepieces used to keep track of the day, date, or month. Today's luxury watches come with many functions that are much more than just telling time. They are personal accessories that reflect their owners' style and individual tastes. Read this article for an in-depth understanding of what makes luxury watches so appealing today!

The world of luxury is a fickle one with a lot of trends that come and go quickly. Yet, in the world of luxury watches, the trends never seem to go away. What is it about luxury watches that makes them so popular?

People who wear luxury watches are not only wearing a timepiece—they are wearing a piece of personal style and history that has been passed along for more than 150 years. The rich and famous have been immortalized by their timepieces all over history, but did you know that individual styles of luxury timepieces are just as captivating today as they were in the past?

The personal style and history that goes into designing and crafting a luxurious timepiece tends to be lost on people nowadays who wear generic-looking watches made out of plastic or metal. If you want to make a statement, wear a luxury watch that doesn't just tell time, but tells the story of an individual brand.

Across the globe, there is no shortage of luxury watch brands. Some of these luxury brands are more than just well-designed luxury watches—they are memories and works of art passed down from generation to generation. Here is a list of 8 popular and timeless brand names:

Blancpain: Established in 1735 by Jorg Hysek in Swiss Jura mountains, this brand has been creating luxurious watches ever since. Their philosophy has remained the same for generations—creating timepieces that reflect their owners' style instead of creating trends.

Audemars Piguet: Another brand that has been passed down from one generation to the next, Audemars Piguet has produced luxurious watches since 1875. The brand's self-winding Tourbillion watch is now a symbol of fine luxury watches. It remains to be the most complicated watch ever created and is a testimony of the brand's skills in creating timeless pieces.

Breguet: This brand has been creating intricate timepieces in 18th century France way before it was considered fine style to wear luxury watches. In fact, Breguet invented the tourbillon movement for pocket watches and wristwatches.

Patek Philippe: Patek Philippe is another brand that has been producing fine timepieces since the 18th century. It employs the heart-shaped extra long tourbillon movement for its watches and has a proud legacy of creating timepieces with intricate details.

Chopard: Founded in 1732, this Swiss luxury watch brand is not only well-known for its elegant designs with intricate details and smooth movements—it also holds a prestigious record as being the oldest continuously operating luxury watch brand today.

IWC: This German luxury watch brand was established by Hans Wilsdorf in Schaffhausen, Germany in 1868.

Conclusion: The fact that a brand can be so old yet still stay relevant is just one—if not the most—impressive thing about luxury watches.

The prices of luxury watches also reflect their value—they are definitely worth spending on. If you want to make a statement by wearing a luxury watch, it is highly recommended that you buy one from an established luxury brand that will last you for generations.

All this being said, there are cheaper alternatives to the expensive luxury watches. While brands like Patek Phillipe and Breguet may have higher prices, they are readily available for less than what you would pay for a similar looking watch made out of metal or plastic.

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