Attracting Web Business


 Attracting Web Business

Each year, millions of people worldwide start a web business. Yet many fail miserably for reasons that are easily avoided. Their websites fail to rank in Google or bring in customers. They neglect social media and end up with one lonely follower on Twitter. They invest too much money in inventory before learning how to generate sales or they don't know the difference between profit and revenue. In short, they shoot themselves in the foot from day one without even realizing what's happening!

In this post we'll show you how to avoid these common pitfalls, make your website attractive across all platforms, and win customers without breaking the bank!

Write an introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled "Experience vs Theoretical Knowledge". Make sure you talk about your experience in the subject, how you know what you know, and how you have learned to apply this knowledge.

Tell us about a time when someone tried to get your business to do something that makes no sense. Explain why the idea won't work from a business perspective and be sure to mention how you handled it.

Write an article titled something like "7 Things You Didn't Know About Google." Here's an example by Chandoo: 7 Quick SEO Tips & Tricks for Small Businesses . Go over each tip and explain everything in detail and the reader how it works.

Example of article title: "7 Things You Didn't Know About Google"
Persuasion is the ability to get someone to take action through positive argument. Think about your favorite dating movie. There are insta-love, instant connection, and fiery arguments, but what about the ones that slowly build up into love? Those are persuasive! And this is what online marketing should be like, at least a little bit. Online marketing can't be like highschool-people just talking over each other without getting anywhere with their ideas-- we need to show our audience that we are doing our best to win them over. Be playful and creative in the way you go about it.

Write an article about "How to Persuade People to Take Action." Choose something that you know the reader is struggling with and focus on how to persuade them into taking action.
Here's an example: How to Persuade People To Take Action.
We can't talk about logos without talking about branding. And let's face it, who wants a logo that is a missed opportunity? Not you! Luckily, there are plenty of resources for learning how to add visual branding power. Here are just a few for your convenience: The Branding Guide from Buffer, A massive guide from Hubspot with all the details, and The Ultimate Guide For Identifying Your Branding Colors (If You're Looking For Expert Advice). And here are more logos!

You can find a collection of logos by searching for "logo" on Pinterest. We've gathered links to some of the best we could find, and you should too! For example, check out this collection:
The Pinning Room - Best Logo Designs .
Here's a list of the most popular logo designers on Pinterest, sorted by the number of followers they have. Read through each and pick out your favorite designer to emulate! Designers: 100 Logo Reveals on Pinterest . The following logos have been pinned at least 1,000 times since March 2014: Freshly Logos ~ Simple and Creative Logos . This one in particular is my favorite--the logo design is simple yet striking.


What we've covered in this post is just a short introduction to online marketing. For complete information, you should check the list of resources below:

Title: 10 Tips for Successful Online Advertising
Title: 10 Tips for Successful Online Advertising
Title: 10 Tips for Successful Online Advertising Title: The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Title: The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Title: How to Become A Pinterest Superstar Title: How to Become A Pinterest Superstar Title: 17 Days to Building a Beautiful Website Title: 17 Days to Building a Beautiful Website Title: Strategic Content Marketing Twitter, LinkedIn, & Pinterest titles can be found here .

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