Articles: A Low Cost Marketing and Traffic Method


 Articles: A Low Cost Marketing and Traffic Method

Reach your target audience for pennies on the dollar.

If you're looking for a way to reach your potential customers, you should consider posting articles. Articles are one of the least expensive ways to market and drive traffic to your website while maintaining control over the message. With content marketing becoming more and more popular, articles are a marketing method that will be around for a very long time. Here's how it works: You write an article with useful information about something in your industry and publish it on a popular site where people regularly look for helpful content. When someone reads the article, it will lead them to your website, and you can use the links to your site as a way to drive traffic back to your website. This means you will be able to reach not only people who read the article but also those who don't.
If you're looking for an article, look into HubSpot's blog post submission guidelines , which include:
Articles should be informative and accessible. Articles should fit the length requirements of your chosen website. Articles that are longer than their maximum word count may have inappropriate content pulled or removed . If you have questions about whether a particular piece of content meets these specifications, email HubSpot Content Marketing Team .
If you're posting an article, you should include a call to action so the reader can visit your website. This means that after they've read the article, they'll go somewhere else and see your website and a link to it. The call to action you choose will depend on what make your site unique. You might want to include links that point directly to products or services or perhaps some specific information about whatever it is that you're promoting.
When putting together articles for your posts, think about the different ways people consume media today. Most people watch videos on their phones while commuting or doing various tasks around the house. You can create content in this format by creating a video with a text overlay like this one . You can also create an article, post it to your website and then include a link to the video in the article. When people read the article, they'll visit their site and see the video and a link back to your website.
Another popular method is creating Facebook content ads you can run by yourself or with a team of other marketers . For this type of content marketing strategy, your plan should include calls-to-action at the end of each post so that people will be directed to pages on your site that contain more information about whatever it is you're promoting.
If you have any questions about writing articles for distribution on HubSpot , feel free to email Marketing Content Team .
Title: Article Tip: 5 Steps for Writing and Publishing Perfect Articles
5 Steps for Writing and Publishing Perfect Articles
SUMMARY:  When writing articles, you need to consider each detail that can make a big different in the readability and SEO of your article.  Here are some best practices that you should consider when writing and publishing perfect articles. (1) Keep it Relevant . You want people to read your article because it has something specific to offer. If they don't read it, they are likely not going to buy your products or services.  The best way to do this is by keeping your article relevant to the topic in question. (2) Make it Scannable . It's possible to have a long article that is still very readable and enjoyable. In the Internet age, though, people usually don't read articles word for word—they scan them. Present your ideas in a way that is easy to scan for someone looking for specific information.  In order to do this, you'll need to break up your article into sections ideally paragraphs of 2-8 sentences each and subheadings within each section. You should also use bullet points when describing lists of products/services and make sure that you keep all the links within your article relevant as well. (3) Write it Out in Your Own Voice . There are two main writing styles: formal and informal.

Conclusion for Marketing Articles HubSpot
As you can see, the marketing industry is a complex web of success factors and pitfalls. There's more to it than just writing a few articles and posting them online. There are many moving parts that must come together in order to succeed in the online marketing world. If you choose to follow any of these guidelines for marketing articles, it should be one part of an overall strategy that includes blog posts, videos, social media posts, ads, etc.

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