This is an article. This is an article about articles. 

Writing well requires practicing, right? So a good way to practice writing is to write things down... and then share those things with others. Articles about articles - that's what this blog will be about! All sorts of different types of posts are welcome here, so long as they're just articles on writing well in general. Some subjects we might explore include: techniques for developing your voice, finding your audience, the different types of journaling/writing projects you could undertake, or tips on how to stay motivated when writing every day. 

I started this blog to share some of my writing practice and to encourage others to do the same. As you read this, I hope you'll feel inspired to join me!

Tailwind Journaling is a writing support group I started in 2012 in order to provide encouragement and the tools needed for writers at all levels to feel supported as they create their very best. Our goal is to help those who want help find the right kind of support so they can just write without distractions, whether that means focusing on one specific project or trying something new. 

This blog also lists two podcasts about writing:  Writing Through The Stages  and Writing Through The Stages Podcast .

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Tailwind Journaling (or Tailwind) is a writing project that includes  email support groups for writers and  a blog about writing. The project has been around since 2012 and is hosted by Rachelle N. Adams, author of the novel Tailwinds (2013) and Founder of Writer's Arena.  

The support groups began in 2013 as writing groups with a focus on fostering community for writers at all stages of their writing journey. There are now more than 100 groups and 1500 members in the worldwide Tailwind Community .

The Tailwind Blog is hosted by Rachelle N. Adams, who has been writing for more than a decade. She writes fiction and nonfiction, including the novel Tailwinds (2013) and her first book of poetry, The Laughter of the Universe (2013). She works as an editor and freelance writer and has written for a variety of publications including Lit Hub ,  Literary Mama , Inklings Literary Journal , A Moon Too Much  and It's Your Story .

Writer's Arena is an online community with over 20,000 members that offers help for writers at all levels. It includes a main blog and several forms of support.

The forum offers a community to connect with other writers in a place where readers and writers can talk about struggles, find inspiration and encouragement, ask for or give help to others, and share tips on writing. The forum also provides feedback on an individual's posts to help the writer improve their writing. 

Writer's Arena offers courses in which posts can be answered by members or taken as homework assignments for those who want extra instruction on a particular topic.

Conclusion is an online course that allows writers to learn how to close stories, or to connect the dots of a series of connected short stories. Each section takes about a week (each day), and each week has topics that students are expected to read, discuss, and practice before moving to the next section.  Many of the topics are presented as work samples that writers can use for practice or as prompts for their own work. 

Conclusion is designed for writers who want complete and focused instruction on a specific topic while developing their skills as writers.

The main Blog provides detailed information about Writer's Arena courses, support groups, tips for writing, and helpful writing advice.

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