Are you Fed up of Being Scammed?


 Are you Fed up of Being Scammed?

Ever since the advent of online shopping, our lives have been enriched by a convenient and sometimes free alternative to buying physical products. However, with this convenience comes plenty of headaches and heartache as well. After all, the internet is an unpredictable world full of many dangers that can confuse you at anytime. In case you're fed up with getting scammed on everything from your 3rd-party shipper to your hair stylist, then consult these lists and hopefully avoid getting burned in the future!

The Scam SCAM: The Costumer Service Scam It should go without saying that shipping a package internationally will be much more expensive than sending it domestically. This is due to the fact that there's a lot more that goes into it. On top of the normal storage and delivery you're used to, international shipments also have to deal with customs on top of everything else. For this reason, you have to pay for the shipping as well as other additional fees. Despite this, there are plenty of companies out there who will tell you otherwise. So be on the look out for this. The reason why they do this is to get you to pay a little extra and thus get more money for themselves. The Rule of Thumb The rule of thumb is a great tool to use when it comes to shipping overseas. It basically works by dividing the weight of your package into the number of international boxes that you could possibly fit in with it. For instance, if you were packaging 20 cans into a single box, then each can would need its own small box (25). To avoid being ripped off, make sure that you always check the total weight of your package.
The Scam SCAM: The Port Authority Scam It's a fact that the US doesn't have any port authority. This means that the US Postal Service (USPS) is the only agency authorized to actually deliver your items to the folks overseas. However, there are plenty of companies who will tell you otherwise. So keep an eye out for this on your end as well before you commit to shipping something overseas. The Rule of Thumb The rule of thumb is also necessary when it comes to shipping items overseas so make sure that you check it out before making any shipments. Remember, each country's postal service has their own rules for handling packages. So make sure that you check these ones out before committing to shipping.
The Scam SCAM: The CPOST Scam This one is slightly trickier to hunt down as it's an inherent part of the way the post system works. Second, this will be a lot less costly because most of the CPOSTs have given up on this and ceased operations. It should be noted that you can still get your packages shipped overseas using other services but it'll cost more so look at both sides of it. The Rule of Thumb It's a good idea to do your research for other CPOSTs that ship items overseas like Canada Post as well, just to make sure that you're getting the best possible deal for yourselves.

Conclusion So there are plenty of things to look out for when shipping overseas. It should be noted that both the sender and the receiver have to work together in order for your package to get there in one piece. So make sure that you discuss these issues beforehand with your concerned parties in order to avoid any miscommunication on either side of it. And that's all there is for now so keep shopping and shipping! [ARTICLE END]
What is Fed Up of Being Scammed ? Fed up of Being Scammed (FBS) is an online platform which provides reviews, information and tips about scams & frauds reported by victims or even third party observation, we also aim to educate people about how they could avoid being scammed by using our guideline.

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