Are You Confused About What Bra You Need?


 Are You Confused About What Bra You Need?

It's always a difficult task trying to find the right bra for your body type, but lucky for you our professional bra sized team has put together this expert guide to help.

We've created all sorts of in-depth and informational articles about everything from how often bras should be replaced, what the proper breast size conversion is, and how to choose the best style.

But today...we're talking about the most common question we receive from our online readers, which is "What bra size should I be wearing?"

And this question comes up because it's a very common misconception that the size you wear will be based on your cup size. While, you can generally "size up" when it comes to a larger cup, it won't necessarily translate into an even larger band size. In this case these two numbers are not at all related and you could easily be wearing the wrong one. (See video tutorial below.

So here's the truth about bra sizes. You should always be fitted by a professional bra sized specialist in a department or lingerie store. These experts know how to take all the necessary measurements as well as when and how to adjust your band size for maximum comfort and support. Once you have your actual bra size, then you can easily shop online.

But now it's important to mention that each individual is different and may have a different shape than the average person. There are obviously some women who are blessed with extremely huge breasts, yet they still need a smaller band. Size modifications do happen, so we recommend that you come in for a fitting if you're in doubt.

With that being said, let's take a look at the most popular fashions and note your size against them. We also included some color-coded charts to help you determine whether you need to be wearing a style A or B cup, since both styles will vary according to how tight or loose your band size is set. So let's take a closer look and see how your bra size compares...

Strangely, smaller cup sizes are wearing 7's and 8's. So if you're thinking you can wear sizes a little smaller in your may be wearing the wrong band size for your chest size.

Here's what we found for all different body types:

So in this case it would be best to either go up or down a band size, depending on your comfort standards. Both should fit well without creating any binding or chafing issues, and the right fit will give you maximum comfort and support over the long haul.


To help you better understand how to choose the right bra size for you, we've put together this quick video on getting fitted and wearing the best fitting bras. We've also included an in-depth guide with all of the information below...

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