Are dress codes in workplace important?


 Are dress codes in workplace important?

There is no doubt that workplaces have dress codes to follow, show respect and proper conduct. Even in the 21st century, some companies still insist on having their employees wear uniforms or following a code of dress standards that would be expected in the 1940s. There are many workers who disagree with this rule as they believe that enforcing it limits the personal expression of people and doesn't allow them to feel like an individual in such large establishments. On the other hand, companies have multiple reasons for having these rules since there are many benefits including uniformity of appearance amongst employees and promotion of company values. To make decisions on whether or not these rules are important, employers should consider the following rules to help them make an informed decision.

What is the benefit of company rules?

Some companies believe in enforcing a dress code because it provides uniformity to their employees which shows that they are part of one big family. Rather than feeling like an outsider, people in the workplace become individuals as they will have their own identity and personal appearance just like everyone else. It also helps them earn respect from other workers as well by setting a good example. This way, employees feel respected and their appearance is looked upon as important and not wasted effort on a display of individuality.

Business owners believe in having employees dress professionally because it helps to maintain a professional image for their company. Clients are more likely to continue doing business with companies they view as well-presented which will hopefully lead them to purchase more products and services. By having standardised rules on what is acceptable attire, owners can be sure that customers are being shown that they care about their appearance and wants to provide them with excellent customer service. At the same time, businesses are helping their company culture remain professional and not have it appear that other workers have different levels of authority by how they dress.

Is it important for employers to enforce these rules?

Some companies believe that it is important for everybody to wear the same type of clothing because it will show that they have uniforms which are consistant and uniform with one another. This in turn is beneficial for their employees as they will feel more united amongst themselves and confident when they are all dressed the same way. They will also be able to recognise each other easily, which helps them work together better. On top of this, company owners believe in having people wear different types of clothing so that they don't feel uncomfortable wearing anything which might be awkward or inappropriate for their job.

Clothing is an important factor in the workplace as it shows that an employee is well-groomed and cares about their appearance. This will give the public a positive image of the company and heightens their reputation in the eyes of potential customers. When employees look like they are not well taken care of, it can cause potential customers to feel uncomfortable with them and could make them lose interest in doing business with them. Employers also believe that proper grooming standards help build loyalty amongst workers as they know that their appearance is important to the company and don't want to compromise this if they feel like there are other people who need to dress better.


Although rules about what is considered appropriate attire can be very restricting, there are many reasons why companies believe that they are important. By following them, workers will feel like part of one big "family" and will be given the opportunity to earn more respect from their coworkers as well as clients. Business owners also believe in having their employees dressed professionally because it helps to build loyalty amongst them and gives potential customers the impression that they put a lot of effort into making sure their business is held in high regards by others. Dress codes should be respected in workplaces so that everyone knows what is expected of them and companies can gain a reputation for being well-presented which will lead customers to want to do business with them.

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