Antique Jewelry


 Antique Jewelry

If you've been following the trends in jewelry, you may have noticed how antique styles are coming back into style. If you're wondering what this means or why it's happening, this blog post is for you!

It's a bit of an obscure trend. But if we had to hazard a guess, we would say it’s due to people wanting more natural and simple pieces that focus on things other than glitz and glamour! It also may be because these types of jewelry are often meaningful pieces from long before our time.

However it came about, there are some pretty fascinating facts about antique jewelry that anyone who likes vintage pieces should read! Read on for more info...

The History of Antique Jewelry

We can’t even imagine the lengths people went to, to make certain items or parts for their jewelry! In general, certain styles come across as being more valuable than others. This is because they were made with more attention to detail and with a higher level of craftsmanship (and/or technical skill). When this is combined with the items’ inherent value — its authenticity, history, and symbolism — it adds up to something truly special.

So what was once considered "long ago" or "before time"? Well, there's one major way that you can tell. Identifying what an antique piece is all about will help you determine how old it really is.

Identifying Antique Jewelry: What Is It Typically Made of?

It used to be that the average person was too poor to own something made of precious metals, like gold or platinum. As such, they would use less valuable materials like steel and iron. This changed as wages improved and people could afford to wear jewelry made from more luxurious materials. These days, the vast majority of antique jewelry is made from silver, gold, or both.

What Was "Vintage"?

Who even knows what vintage is anymore? People often use the term interchangeably with antique. But there are different types of vintage things: some are old and valuable; others are new but were made using old design techniques or materials. So while it seems similar, vintage can have some big differences! But that's a fun fact for you to discover on your own!

Antique Jewelry Size and Design Trends

The average amount of precious stones and metals used in an antique piece will give you a clue about its value. These are usually larger amounts than what would normally be used. In addition, the average length of an antique piece is larger and may be heavier than modern pieces as well.

Design elements may be different as well. You may see more intricate designs, which are more time-consuming to create than simple designs. Metalwork for example, can take an experienced craftsman months to make! This is because they have to manipulate the metal into a certain shape using tools like hammers or pliers. As such, complex jewelry is worth much more today! And they pair beautifully with simpler pieces too! Simply compliment them with delicate chains or chain bracelets for a look that feels simple yet full of impact.


Antique jewelry has a certain mystique to it. It evokes a sense of history and care, something which is very highly prized by all buyers of vintage pieces. If you're new to this trend, we hope that this blog post has helped you learn more about it and the amazing pieces available.

If you have any questions about antique jewelry or what's new in fashion, feel free to contact us (or check out our Customer Success Page). Happy shopping!

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