Answers to Common Questions About Prom Dresses


 Answers to Common Questions About Prom Dresses

Prom time is right around the corner again, and while most of your thoughts are focused on who you're going to bring, what time you're going to leave your house, and how you're going to get there safely given the recent circumstances America's been facing... one minor detail that probably should've crossed your mind earlier is what dress you plan on wearing.

How can I find a prom dress that fits my body type? What are some good prom dresses? What color should I wear? What size should I order for a customized dress? These are all questions we aim to answer.

Finding a Dress That Fits Your Body Type
Generally, prom dresses are characterized by their plunging v-necks and their short, tight, strapless or sleeveless silhouettes. The last thing you want is to be falling out of your dress while dancing the night away. With that in mind... make sure that your dress is not too tight. If you find yourself struggling to breathe within an hour of wearing your bodice then you've gone a little overboard with the corseting.

If you're fortunate enough to have a dress that falls somewhere between being a traditional strapless and a scoop neck then you're luckier than most. If you find yourself in this category then make sure that the seamlines of the straps running into your shoulders are not too tight. If it feels like there's a corset on your chest then try taking both straps off and see if you can breath better.

Still, for all these promises of easy movement, it's still best to avoid sleeveless dresses altogether (unless you want to wear an undershirt underneath) and definitely consider wearing a corset provided it goes against the rules of wearing one in school... or you're willing to pay the consequences.

It's a pretty good idea to stick with a dress that falls somewhere between your waist and your hips so that it doesn't put pressure on your stomach area at all. It'll prevent you from tucking in your shirt or having it ride up into your cleavage and prevent any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions from occurring on prom night.

Finding A Good Prom Dress That Fits Your Budget
If you've been researching prom dresses recently then chances are you've run across an abundance of $300-$500 prom dresses that promise to fit like a dream but are sold by people with no experience whatsoever in the fashion industry. This might be a little misleading. It's easy to fall into this trap because you're so excited to wear a designer dress but you also want to look good.

The truth is that most of the dresses you see on websites like and ebay have been made in Chinese factories with workers who've never been in fashion before and quite possibly don't understand proper sizing at all. It's for this reason that we say it's best not to order a dress from one of these websites or sellers because if it doesn't fit then you have almost no chance of getting it fixed by a local tailor or seamstress for much less than what you paid initially...

It's best to look for a prom dress by looking in your local boutique or online store. This way you can expect the person who made the dress to be able to tell you how much it would cost and how easy it is to alter... sometimes even make some adjustments yourself if necessary.

What Color To Wear?
Here you'll find a contradictory range of answers based on different people's ideas but the truth is that prom looks like any other formal occasion involving a one-night stand or job interview (if that's more what you're going for) so the key thing here is picking something that will go great with your complexion and hair color. If possible try to avoid wearing white as it doesn't look flattering on anyone...

There you have it, the truth and nothing but the truth about finding a prom dress. I hope this helps!

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