Analyzing Website Traffic Part 1


 Analyzing Website Traffic Part 1

Company websites can be a great source for information and data mining. The more you know about how they work and what goes on behind the scenes, the better decisions you can make to either improve your website or use it to take advantage of other people's.

In this first post in our series on analyzing website traffic, we will cover how to see what keywords are driving at least some of your traffic and why it’s important. In future posts, we’ll continue with a deeper look at one of the most important components of website optimization: organic search engine optimization (SEO).

When you “type” or “search” for a website name into the search box at your favorite search engine, what do you usually get? You obtain a list of websites that contain those characters. Sometimes, if you know what you’re looking for, the search engines may also make recommendations of similar websites. And, if you click on one of the variations in the list – such as a .Com (commercial) or a .US (American) address – then even more sites might be returned to be displayed.
 brought this about by making their results more specific to your query.

And, if you use your keyboard to type in a name instead of using your mouse, the software looks for the first website that contains that sequence of characters and, if it finds one, displays it prominently in the results.

To learn more about how sites are ranked or ranked a new referral site: . And visit this site which is now ranked as high as 69th in google search result pages: .

More about how the search engines work. These two pages will help you understand how google, yahoo, alta vista and others rank a site: and .
These links describe what happens when you search for a particular item: .

To learn the basics of SEO: . These sites explain the basics of SEO: / and .
To learn more about social media management: visit to learn how to increase Brand awareness, customer engagement, and direct sales through Social Media Management (SMM).

This article is a part of our series on website traffic analysis and search engine optimization (SEO).


In this article we have discussed How to analyze website traffic? We saw how the analysis process can help us to improve our website in terms of traffic and rank. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments section.

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