Amethyst Jewellery - The most striking Jewel


 Amethyst Jewellery - The most striking Jewel

Amethyst Jewellery - The most striking Jewel. If you're keen on amethyst jewellery, then you may want to check out what this article has to say.

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word 'amethustos', meaning the 'not intoxicated'. This gemstone was believed to have been worn as a talisman against drunkenness by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians alike. Amethysts were also said to protect one from both poison and bad luck. This stunning purple ore can be mined in a number of colours including deep purple, violetish-purple, pale violet shades or even brownish-violet hues.

However, the most commonly found form of amethyst is the violet-purple hue, which means that they are perhaps the most well-known and readily available of the amethyst types. They are formed by heat treatment and irradiation of colourless or near colourless quartz. The high quality amethysts can be found in Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Madagascar and Africa while crystals can be found in Australia and Uruguay.

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones for jewellery as it is not only affordable but also comes in a wide range of hues. Its breathtaking colours make it an excellent choice for any color themed collection. The fact that it is a shade of purple which makes it perfect for both formal and casual wear simply adds to the appeal. The elegant and aristocratic look of amethyst jewellery suits any occasion while its affordability has made it highly sought-after by those who are not just looking for a stylish piece of jewellery, but a rock-solid investment as well.

Amethyst consists of certain varieties including:

Amethysts – These form from quartz that has been treated in an elevated temperature followed by irradiation (heating, then radiation) in order to change the colour. Amethyst is primarily violet while some varieties are red or brownish violet.

Smoky Quartz – While the name may suggest otherwise, this type of amethyst is not actually smoky in color but rather, it is a product of the heating process. They are often characterized by a bluish tint.

Crazy Lace Amethyst – This variety has a high iron content which gives it its distinctive reddish colour. Crazy laces tend to be more expensive than other varieties though some classify them as scratch quartz .

Jungle Amethyst – This amethyst is found in South Africa and consists of nepheline inclusions which give it its characteristic dark-green colouration. These usually form close to or on top of the quartz crystals so they are less common than other types of amethyst.

Nepal Amethyst – Known as Pink Fluorite, this variety is not actually amethyst. Instead, it is a fluorspar piece that has been treated in a similar manner to amethyst.

Amethysts are popular with collectors who are looking for something different from the standard cuts and colors of other gemstones. They provide a unique look and a sense of exclusivity. They can be used to create stunning designs for jewelry, particularly rings which they form brilliant gems which dazzle the eye on any level of quality thanks to their pure beauty and clarity.


Amethyst has the potential to dazzle any gem lover which makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of jewellery and pendants. Indeed, if you are looking for something that suits many different occasions, then this is the best option by far. You will be able to turn heads as you are swept off your feet when you wear amethyst jewellery on any occasion – and not just because of its popularity, but also because this particular gemstone is beautiful in its own right. It is definitely an investment worth trying out!

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