Amber jewelry


 Amber jewelry

So, you’ve got a thing for amber. You love its color, its weight and above all the wide range of prices it offers. But how can you decide on the right piece of jewelry to buy?

No matter what style you're into, there’s an amber necklace or bracelet that will fit your look perfectly. For starters, there are simple necklaces that make perfect layering pieces with other types of jewelry - or wear one by itself for a more understated effect.

Then there are more elaborate pieces of jewelry, like chokers and collar necklaces which are great anywhere from a business meeting to a night on the town. They can be worn with just about anything and they add a little bit of spice to any outfit you pair them with.

Bangles, because of their sizes, are ideal for those who love large pieces of jewelry. If you have an elegant evening gown that needs that perfect piece to accent it, then seriously consider amber bangles. These types of bracelets will perfectly highlight an elegant evening dress or suit. But take heed: they also stand out as bold pieces ... so be sure you want the attention with these types of bracelets.

You’ll also want to pay attention to weight when buying amber jewelry . Amber jewelry is created from real pieces of amber, so its weight will vary. The more expensive pieces of jewelry have a higher percentage of actual fossilized resin than lower-cost options. If you’re looking for a heavier piece, then look for one that seems heavier on its own and has a higher percentage of the fossilized resin in it.

One final tip when shopping for amber jewelry: make sure that you have a good camera or cell phone handy. The amber will look best in sunlight, so bring out the sunlight by taking some photos to help you decide which piece you like best.

There are no incorrect answers when buying amber jewelry. Your taste and style is the only thing that will ultimately determine which piece looks great on you. Just like all other types of jewelry, what makes a piece of amber jewelry stand out is your desire to flaunt it!

Amber Jewelry Tips for Shopping Online

1. Do your research before making a purchase: Look through online stores, compare prices and read reviews written by other shoppers before buying anything. All the reputable online stores for amber jewelry have loyal customer bases with many products that can be reviewed freely.

2. Make sure you know the size you need: Most amber jewelry is one-size-fits-most or adjustable to be customized for your wrist size. Measure your wrist before buying to avoid disappointments after the purchase

3. Pay attention to shipping details: Some stores have free shipping and return, while others may not have any such offers. If a store has good discounts, but doesn’t have free shipping, then you can always opt to buy the item and get it shipped home via a company that does ship free like Zappos . Shipping costs can add up quickly, so make sure you keep an eye on them!

4. Shop online during sales: Amber jewelry is a popular holiday gift item.


Amber jewelry is a very popular type of jewelry that many people prefer to wear. There are so many different versions of amber jewelry, which makes it really easy to find what you are looking for and presents the perfect gift to someone special.

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