Amazing Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Website-And Make Sales


 Amazing Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Website-And Make Sales

If you have a website, you might be wondering how to make it more popular and get a lot of traffic. You've seen the stats: content marketing is by far the best way to go. If you want quick traffic gains, here are some amazing ways to boost your website's traffic that will also make sales:

1-Facebook - Promote your website on Facebook with an ad campaign. You can advertise on Facebook's all-inclusive platform for as little as $2 per day
2-Goodreads - Join Goodreads and join groups that share similar interests. You will need to use your real name, which is good for credibility. Add a link to your website at the bottom of your profile.
3-YouTube - Make short videos of 1-2 minutes and post them on YouTube with keywords that are related to your niche. People can then share these videos and attract traffic on relevant searches.
4-Reddit - Create a Reddit account with a username that includes your main keyword phrase. Your content will be hidden if you don't choose the correct audience, so it's vital that you do this right.
5-Quora - If you want instant credibility, create a Quora account and ask questions in a way that establishes yourself as an expert in your niche. People will visit your website if you link to it from Quora.
6-Podcasts - Create a podcast and a blog. These are 2 of the biggest traffic-makers in the world - use them for SEO purposes, and get people to visit your website.
7-Local Marketing - This is a really effective method, and you can create a local business page on Facebook, which is connected to Google Maps. You can then gain exposure locally.
8-Press Releases - This is another form of marketing that works well for small businesses. Use press release sites instead of news sites, as these are less competitive and more likely to pick up your press releases. Use PRweb for $400 per year if possible.
9-Paid Advertising - You can get free advertising on different websites, but paid advertising works better. Make use of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads for the best results.
10-Events - Attend events related to your niche and you will gain exposure - this works well even if you're not an expert in the field.
11-App Development - If you have an app, create a page for it on Facebook and add a link to your website from there. It will show up in searches for apps related to your niche subject.
12-Content Writing Jobs - Content writing is another way you can gain exposure. Get paid to write about topics that are relevant to your industry's readers. You can also get paid to write book reviews on Amazon.
13-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - This is a practice that will make your website rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It's free, but you need to know the basics of SEO to make it work properly. 
14-Video Marketing - Making videos and posting them on YouTube is another way to attract traffic so long as you use appropriate keywords.
15-Online Courses - This is actually a great way to boost the popularity of your website through SEO.

If you follow these methods, you will see a lot of visitors coming to your website very quickly. It's crucial that you don't use black hat SEO methods because this could cost you your website's reputation and even blacklist it altogether. Always be ethical because Google could penalize your website if it notices black hat tactics. Use the amazing ways to boost traffic to your website-and make sales - that are presented above instead and gain the popularity that you deserve.

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