All About Jewelry


 All About Jewelry

Jewelry refers to a number of items, typically small or portable objects made from precious metals that have undergone various treatments. They are worn on the body for personal adornment, used as sealing devices for bottles, and in some cases formed into a single piece of jewellery such as rings and necklaces.

Jewelry has been made in many cultures for at least 40,000 years which makes it an Art if not one of the oldest materials known to humankind. Find out some interesting facts about jewels inside! 

-A record was found out in excavations near Mohenjo Daro dating back to around 2700 B.C. that describes the jewels being used in the Indus valley civilization.

-The earliest example of pierced jewels date back to around 2000 B.C. which were found in Egypt and are believed to be from the Neolithic period. The jewelry was made of gold and featured a number of perforations made using primitive tools.

-Some historians believe that many ancient civilizations including the Romans used gems to adorn themselves, but there is only one surviving piece of jewelry found during an excavation dating back to 100 B.C.

-Many ancient civilizations used the jewels for decoration, but the Egyptians were the ones who had a synthesized system that involved a lot of artistry and may have been more important to them than beauty.

-Some of the earliest jewelry was made using materials such as shell and bone which were used in the Bronze Age. However, it is believed that jeweled jewelry has its origin in India where it is thought that some of the perforations found in gold jewelry were made. It was also believed that jewelry from this period originated from across Asia and spread to other parts of the world during times of conflict. This idea was supported by an example found during excavations at Mohenjo Daro dating back to around 2700 B.C. where the jewelry was found to be very similar to jewelry used in India.

-A great number of ancient civilizations including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used jewels as a form of conveying their political power during war and peace.

-During this time, diamonds were mainly used for cutting glass instead of being used as jewels for decoration. In fact, most people believed that diamonds were just stones that couldn’t be cut into smaller pieces which made them worthless. The first diamonds were only discovered at the end of the 15 th century when they started gaining popularity after a large diamond was found in Brazil which weighed approximately 186 carats.

-During the 18 th century, the British were known to have indulged in plate and pocket watches while wearing jewelry. In fact, it was during this time that the first ever diamond engagement ring was created which featured a diamond inlaid on top of a plain band. The idea behind it was that if a lady’s ring got lost, she would not be able to replace it. An early example of this piece can be seen at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

-The jewelry industry became highly developed due to the Industrial Revolution which resulted in many jewelers setting up their own manufacturing facilities during this period.


The history of jewelry lends to its sophisticated beauty and has a lot of interesting facts inside. And, who knew that diamonds were considered worthless in antiquity? So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your favorite piece of jewelry from the nearest jeweler and see how it looks on you! Have fun! ^_^ -Diana. Continue reading about what was motivates me to write this blog entry about jewelry at

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