Alexandrite jewelry makes a perfect gift


 Alexandrite jewelry makes a perfect gift

Alexandrite jewelry is one of the most sought-after gemstones from a long time now. This type of stone is also believed to be a powerful protection against the evil eye, and it's said that when an alexandrite jewel is worn, it destroys envy and transforms itself into love. It's no wonder that this beautiful stone with such potent charm has been featured in many Hollywood movies!

Whether you want to give your loved one a present for their birthday or just because, adding an alexandrite jewel to their collection will surely make them happy! Simply browse our gallery for inspiration on how you can find your perfect gemstone based on color preference, gemstone shape, about finger size or any other preferences.

We have a variety of alexandrite jewelry for sale. Our collection includes rings, pendants, bracelets and designer pieces that you can wear with any outfit and even to work. You can also find the perfect gift for your wife or friend as we have all sizes of rings available here.

Enjoy your browsing, new customers are always welcome! :)
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We were born in Russia and currently reside in the US.We both love shopping for jewelry and have been helping people find their perfect gems since 2008.  We specialize in gemstones of all kinds including garnets, amethyst, citrine, alexandrite and of course diamonds. Visit our shop to see more about all of our products and services that we provide. Thank you! -- Lizzy & Lornear Shipping & Payment Terms: We accept PayPal, VISA, Master Card and American Express ONLY . See our Feedback for more information. Our stock is constantly changing. If you want to order a specific item and it's not in stock, we will ship to you as soon as it gets in and send you a tracking number that way.
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Thank you for visiting our store! We have been selling Alexandrite jewelry since 2008. We have over 30 years experience in gem cutting and jewelry design. We custom make all of our jewelry based on the exact measurements that are provided by our customers. We also work on commission if you have something in mind and want it exactly the way you want it. Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have. We also encourage you to check out our entire inventory.
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Get your piece of the Russian Emerald! We are proud owners of a 13 carat solid Fancy Green Russian Emerald that is available for sale (currently listed as "on reserve" until we find a buyer). The emerald was mined in Russia, is roughly 15mm long x 7mm wide (the widest point) and 20-22 karats with 64 facets which makes it valued at approximately $5,000 per carat. This emerald is a stone that is amazing and has many characteristics similar to alexandrite. It has a rich green color and has all the movement of an emerald. We have seen it in person and know exactly what you will get when you purchase this stone. It was also cut from a deep green rough which accounts for the vibrant appearance of the stone. If you are interested in purchasing this gem please contact us at AlexandriteJewelryShop@yahoo.


It's been 3 years since I first purchased my stone, and I'm still in love with it. There is no other stone or colour that has such radiance. It really does pop and glisten even in dimmer lighting situations. Alexandrite has been renowned for its beauty throughout history, and rightfully so! I love mine so much that I wear it to bed almost every night! There have been many times when alexandrite jewelry has come onto my radar, but there was always one small thing wrong: the green was too dark, or too light, or not a pure green.

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