Adsense – Still A Cash Cow?


 Adsense – Still A Cash Cow?

Adsense is still a cash cow

If you are an online publisher, you might be surprised to hear that Adsense is still very lucrative. That's because Adsense offers a lot of features and benefits which make it stand out. Therefore, for most publishers, the ease of use outweighs the monthly cost. This article will give you a better idea on why this is true and what these benefits have been in the past.

Adsense is a network that provides ads from an online publisher to content publishers all over the world. These ads provide a revenue stream as well as potential traffic for your site. This means you get paid every time someone views one of your adverts on your site. The money you earn is based on three main factors: how much people spent on the ad, how much people click and how many people saw it.

In most cases, it isn't possible for you to know exactly how much money you earned or lost due to the adverts. It depends on many things such as: How many people clicked that particular banner/link, number of times the advert was viewed and so forth. But, what you can identify is the conversion rate. Google Adsense will show you the conversion rate of your adverts every month. Conversion rates depend on how much the advertiser pays per click. For example, a 1% conversion rate means that one user clicked and then converted on your site out of every 100 users who saw that advert.

For example, if a particular advert had 100 impressions and 10 clicks, then your conversion rate would be 10%. This means out of every 100 people who saw the ad on your site, ten clicked on it (making it a very effective advertisement). The more people click on an ad, the more money you earn. Advertisers usually pay more for this type of effective advert. But, if too many people click on an advert, then it is likely to get banned by Google who is the sole parent company of Adsense.

Another one of the main features of the Adsense program is that it provides a lot of flexibility as a publisher. You can choose what type of adverts you want on your site, whether you want text or image links and more. This means that publishers are able to pick which ads they prefer, and which ones will give them the most money.

Adsense also allows you to monetize your site using Adsense ads. Since it is Google you are using, you also get access to other Google features like Google Analytics. These statistics allow publishers to track which areas of their sites are more popular, and which ones need improvement. This way they can tailor their sites to suit their users and make sure they get the most out of their resources.

Another benefit of becoming a publisher is that once your site has some traffic, you can sign up for the affiliate program from Adsense as well. Once you do this, you will get paid when someone clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase via Adwords or any other store that pays affiliates .


As you can see, Adsense is a great platform for anyone who wants to monetize their site or blog. It doesn't cost a lot of money to use and it is relatively simple to get started. In some cases, it can actually be free if you are able to get enough traffic on your site. Your only downfall will be depending on the amount of traffic you get and where that traffic comes from in order to make a profit. But, Google Adsense has been around for over ten years, so even though changes came along, they've made sure publishers still feel the benefits of their program.

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