Adding Personal Touches to Your Wedding


 Adding Personal Touches to Your Wedding

Tired of everyone seeming to be at your wedding?

Worried you will have to choose between good and popular?

Don't stress! Here are some easy ways to make your personal wedding stand out from the rest.     Starting with a personality-driven theme.     Believe it or not, some couples make the mistake of using the same old traditional wedding theme each time. Instead, choose a theme that is tailored to your personality. This can be as simple as choosing an overall color scheme to match your wardrobe or it can be more involved as we have seen with some example themes below: Red & Green: Biker's wedding Pink & Purple: Sweet 16 party Black & Gold: Medieval Fantasy Yellow & Gold: Gourmet Queen of Hearts-themed wedding First, party ideas might start popping into your head. You will need to balance fun with practical so that you don't have a disaster on your hands after all the hard work you've been putting in. Then, you can make a list of things you specifically want to include.

A proper budget.     Once you've decided on your theme and planned out what you want to do, it is time to set a budget for all the activities. By limiting your spending to the amount of money you've allotted yourself - even if that is less than what other couples spend - it will be easier to stick within your budget and focus on enjoying the day instead of worrying about money. Once this money has been set aside to meet your needs, subtract what has already been used from the total available funds and make sure that whatever remains fits properly into your overall wedding budget.

A personalized menu.     Perhaps your wedding is being held near a favorite restaurant and you want to make sure and use the best. Or, maybe you have family that is allergic to shellfish. Whatever the case, the food and drinks at a wedding can be something really special. You don't have to go so far as to plan a special meal for each guest or design your own menu, but you can select foods that are favorites from your childhood or even plan some of your favorite recipes into the day. Then, have sample meals ready for your guests or go so far as to have a tasting party that is just for you and your fiancĂ© along with your wedding party.

Use of common locations.     You don't necessarily have to plan a destination wedding or elope in order to make your wedding distinct from the rest. You and members of your party can scout out great places to take pictures before the big day so that you can use them at your leisure. Perhaps an impressive building such as a courthouse, theater, or museum will give you what you need to create stunning pictures. Maybe a certain part of town will be perfect for creating lasting memories as well.

Personalized invitations and thank-you cards.

Conclusion To summarize, use the ideas above to create a really memorable wedding. While you may have to choose between traditional and personal, you will be able to include both in your wedding as you have the ability to tailor each aspect of the event. Remember, if people are going to pay good money for their invitations and thank-you cards, they want them to be special. So just making sure that they are personalized - even if it is by using a simple first name and last initial - will go a long way.

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