Addiction: When Gambling Becomes a Problem


 Addiction: When Gambling Becomes a Problem

Addiction is an intense, compulsive need for a substance or activity. The person loses control over their behavior and lives for the sole purpose of getting their next hit. What starts as a harmless game can quickly morph into something life-threatening, destroying relationships and causing financial ruin.

Many people find themselves struggling with addiction in their lives; whether it be to drugs/alcohol, sex, gambling or any other type of addiction. It's important to know when you should seek professional help because gambling addiction causes severe harm to the user's social and personal life. If this is something you or someone you know is grappling with, it's important to know how gambling addiction develops and what steps need to be taken to get help.

Addiction develops through repetition. A person goes to the casino a few times in their life and has a few wins. Eventually they start winning consistently so they continue going back until one day, they're "hooked." They realize that playing a certain game will cause them to win money time-after-time so they continue doing it until they win big time. They then find themselves at the top of the leader board, unable to stop even if they wanted too.

"The Gambling and Addictions Foundation of America says that 80 percent of problem gamblers started out as normal players who went to the casino once or twice with friends and enjoyed a few winning sessions. Then, they began to notice that they were repeatedly going back when they were having just one or two good days." — CBS News

When someone starts to gamble, it's very easy for them to get caught up in the addiction. When a person thinks "I'll go back tomorrow" or "I might as well clear my bank account right now." It becomes this trap of wanting more money which is why many people blow their money on gambling accounts by making deposits and withdrawals in rapid succession. It's almost as if they forget that they have a main bank account and that money is no longer free. Without realizing it, people become ensnared in an addiction that controls their financial habits and decisions.

This is why we advise people to seek professional help to build up their strength before going back to the casino. Many people find themselves in this situation because they were introduced to gambling at a young age without any adult supervision or education on the dangers of gambling addiction. When someone "grows up" it's very easy for them see the negative aspect of the addiction and give it up. However, when a person starts gambling as a young adolescent it's very hard for them to give up. Which is why it's crucial for young people to be educated on the dangers of gambling before they play slot machines in Las Vegas or other casinos.

The easiest way to stop an addiction is to remove yourself from any situation that might trigger the urge. If someone is addicted to drugs, stay away from drug dealers and drug-dealer places. If you're addicted to alcohol than stay away from bars and restaurants. If you're addicted to gambling then stay away from casinos and Our advice is to stay away until you are strong enough to set up a strict budget for gambling.

In the age of the Internet, it's impossible to remove yourself completely from chances of gambling. Even when trying to avoid the casino's web page, there's always a chance that someone will invite you to play poker. This is why we advise people who are trying to quit gambling that they need to seek professional help and build up their willpower before going back into the casino's atmosphere. Nobody likes being around cigarettes but if someone has smoked for ten years it takes a lot of work for them to quit and stay away from cigarettes completely with no relapse at all.

The same goes for gambling addiction.

Conclusion: "I realized I will never win big money and that I am completely addicted to gambling." Since then I have never gambled again. -- Anonymous

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, we can help. We understand the severity of gambling addiction and know how to assist people in fighting their urge to gamble and build up their emotional strength before returning to the casino.

If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction, please contact us at or call us toll free at 877-524-8477 . We offer the highest level of care including holistic treatments with our treatment experts who have worked in recovery centers for many years.

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