About Dead Websites


 About Dead Websites

Internet is a big place, and it’s full of mysteries. Many times we ask ourselves the same question – what happened to that website? Something that was so popular yesterday but now gone without a trace. It can be frustrating not knowing why some sites went offline.

The blog post will cover all sorts of dead websites, from social networks to online stores, giving you inside information about them as well as the reasons for their downfall.

Before we get started, I’d like to take some time to explain what a dead website really is. The term ‘dead’ is very relative and can be taken in many ways. To be honest, I don’t use the word in any absolute meaning other than it was no longer online. According to Google (as well as other search engines) this means that an active site does not have a valid backlink pointing to the website anymore. In short – it was no longer available on the Internet, at least not in any way that could be considered legitimate by reputable companies. This means that there are more sites on the Internet than we could ever imagine.

I have sad news for the ones who enjoyed this article – I cannot provide you with a list of all dead websites ever. It would be a mission impossible to accomplish because there are so many of them. I hope that we can at least cover some of the most popular sites and shed some light on their mysterious endings.

Blogs and Forums

Blogs can be really helpful if you want to share your knowledge with other people or if you want to keep up with what’s new in your field. There are tons of reasons why you would want to start a blog. The most popular blogs nowadays belong to celebrities like Justin Bieber or Ashton Kutcher and even though they had A LOT of supporters (and still do), they had to shut down because of the amount of hate they received.

Blogs are extremely easy and often free, but for some reason many people prefer not to use them as a mean of communication. Most bloggers state that forums can be more helpful than blogs or even social networks because it’s easier to communicate with people through them. Some forums are extremely popular, having millions upon millions of regular users and topics you can discuss about all day long. You’ve probably been on a forum before – and if you haven’t, you should definitely try out the ones that interest you. Forums are mostly useful not only because of the information they provide, but also because of the discussion that takes place there.

So why would a forum or a blog be considered dead? There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes forums become less popular or even very unpopular depending on the subject and people who decide to join them. People tend to search for new information online instead of browsing through forums. This is another reason why many forums fade away from public attention; people use online resources instead of visiting discussion boards for their information needs. The main reason for this is – people have never heard of them before and thus they cannot find information in them.

One more reason for their demise is the lack of response from the administrators. Many forums have a very important role in our lives, especially in modern times when we communicate with relatives, colleagues or business partners almost all the time. Forums play an extremely important role here. If you don’t feel like communicating with strangers every now and then, then you can simply not go on forums. [I’d like to note here that I absolutely do not consider websites dead if there are no links pointing to them anymore, but if these links stop working, it should be considered as a possible sign of its death.


Blogs and forums are sometimes considered dead not because they became unpopular, but because of the lack of response from their administrators. Some are merely forgotten, while some just don’t have a real objective.

Mobile Apps and Games

I myself am very fond of mobile apps and games. They’re easy to create as you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on such things as websites or computers. They’re also mobile-friendly, so people can use them on their smartphones or tablets without having to install anything.

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